Monday, April 17, 2017

Was It Worth It? - Thoughts on December Purchases

I  know I just posted my March Haul yesterday but I am super behind on everything I wanted to post this month.  I plan everything out at the beginning of the month and it never quite seems to go as scheduled:)  So I am now playing catch up and you'll probably get a whole bunch of stuff this week.  This post will be my reviews on the items I purchased back in December.  I included them in my haul post in January which you can check out here.

My first purchase was from Sephora.  A coupon with a dollar amount off your purchase was mailed out and they also had a sample bag they were offering.  I picked up the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in shade 1.0.  I really like the foundation and the coverage.  It wears well for me but I do find that even this shade in 1.0 is too dark for me in the winter.  I will use this up in the next few months as I get a bit of a tan.  Sephora does carry a shade in .5 that I might try out in the future.

I also picked up a lipgloss from the Sephora brand in the shade Earth and Fire.  I love the formula of these glosses.  I don't wear it nearly enough because I am trying to work through older lip products before they go bad.  But I do love how these feel and there are a million shades to choose from.

As for the samples, I absolutely loved this Tory Burch fragrance.  You can see my review in my March empties.  I don't think I have even used the others.

This was the sample bag that I received with my order.  I have been using up the Urban Decay eye shadow primer samples.  I do like the original formula of their primer but I have not been a fan of the other ones like the anti-aging or the shimmer one.  I also used up the Clean Reserve perfume sample. I have not found a Clean scent I do not like.  I love the fresh scent of them.

The Amore Pacific peel left my face super soft.  It was a powder that you mixed with water and then applied to your face and rinsed off.  It was one of those things where I kept having to force myself not to touch my face because it felt so nice.  lol

I passed on the lipstick since I don't wear red and I haven't not used the other products included in the bag yet.

The next part of my haul was my Sephora Play box.  Again, the lip stain was in a darker shade that I will not wear so I passed it along.

I recently finished the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray.  It was nice but I don't feel like setting sprays do anything for me or that they are a necessary step in my makeup.
I also finished off the Detox Dry Shampoo which I did not like.  It left a very heavy white cast that I felt was much harder to work in than other dry shampoos I have tried.
I recently opened the Lancome mascara and it gives me good length but does not give me volume that I need.  I will continue to use it up and see if my opinions change.

The final part of my December purchases was this Julep nail polish sampler.  I subscribed to the Julep Maven box as part of my Christmas presents for 6 months.  This nail polish set was a free gift with subscription.  I have absolutely loved the Julep nail polishes, as well as the other products from the brand that have come in my monthly boxes.  It was definitely a good choice for me!  I find that the Julep polishes last a good week (sometimes more) on me before I feel they have chipped too much and need to be removed.  This is so much better than other formulas I have tried.

I hope these reviews help give you a better idea of the products and I what I think.  I enjoy these posts for myself because it helps keep me aware of whether I am making use of my purchases or buying more than I can really use in the 3 months since I posted the haul.


*Not a sponsored post.

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