Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Project Use It Up - April Update

I am so tired of this rainy weather we have been having.  It was cloudy and raining all last week and that seems to be the trend this week too.  Bring on some sunshine!

My March goals were the same as they have been for the other months.  I did a good job of using a mask at least once a week.  I often forget to mark these boxes so I think I might have masked a few more times since my goal was two times a week.  I was bad about using foil packets this month but I used so many during #foilfebruary that I needed a break.

I finished two of my products this month from my list.  Yay!  I was able to finish the Murad toner and the Tarte Maracuja oil.  I used the Murad toner to clarify areas of my body, not my face, in an effort to use this up.  Therefore, I won't be replacing it with another product.  I have been using the Tarte product on my neck and chest and you will see my replacement pictured below.

My goals for April are changing just slightly.  I took out the perfume sample boxes because I am trying to use finish a rollerball as part of a seasonal project and I am going to focus on that for now.

I am continuing to work on the Living Proof night cap.  It is very hard to tell if I have made any progress on this item with the packaging.  I tend to forget about it since I need to put it in my hair the night before I wash it, but I am trying to remember.  The Josie Maran oil was added in during March after I finished the Tarte oil.  As you can see, I am about halfway done with this product and expect to finish it this month.  I am using this in the same way as the Tarte oil, as a chest and neck moisturizer.

These are the masks I will be working on for April.  The Balance Me radiance mask was started in March and I am about halfway done (the progress lines are current).  I have one or two uses left in the Fresh Rose Mask and will start using the Korres Wild Rose mask when I finish the Fresh one.  I hope to finish the Fresh and Balance Me masks this month.

The primer I included in the March goals was the Becca Backlight priming filter.  However, it did not work well for my skin.  I am passing the Becca primer on to a friend.  After about a week, I started using the Cover FX illuminating primer instead.  The progress line is where I am at with it going into April.  I would also like to finish my Tarte lipstick in Plummy Rose this month.  I have very little left and it is my oldest lipstick so I would like to finish it up.

I am excited with my progress on some of these deluxe sized items and hope to have quite a few finished up this month.  I love watching these updates or reading about progress so let me know if you participate in Project Use It Up.


*Not a sponsored post.  All items were purchased by me.

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