Sunday, April 23, 2017

Finish 6 by Summer Update #1

I am a few days late with my update for Finish 6 by Summer but I was enjoying a girls trip in Las Vegas.  We laid by the pool, ate yummy food, and had a nice relaxing time.  Some of these items in the project I feel really good about my progress and others I'm not as confident about anymore:)

These two pictures are from my introduction in March which you can see here.

I am working on the NYX single eyeshadow in White Pearl and the Soap and Glory lip balm in A Great Kisser.  These are the starting points showing the amount of pan when I began the project.

This above picture is where I am at with these two products now.  I have expanded the pan in the center of the eye shadow.  I use a big fluffy brush to apply this all over my eye before any other shadows.  I have been working on the left side of the lip balm to clear it out and have expanded the pan there as well.

The next product is the Marc Jacobs rollerball perfume in Dot.  I marked my progress line and am hoping with steady use, I can finish it in the next two months.
The Bare Minerals eye base is a little trickier.  I have used it every time I have worn makeup, but there is absolutely no progress to mark.  I am hoping it is just because the product clings to the sides of the container.  However, I have no idea if it will be finished in two months.

I am also working on the Laura Gellar blush in Tropic Hues.  I am continuing to flatten it out since the product is domed to begin with, but I have not seen any pan yet.

The final product is the Maybelline color whisper in Lust for Blush.  I have been trying to use it at least once a day, sometimes more.  I have made pretty good progress although I'm not sure it is enough to finish it in two months.  I am going to try to make an effort to use it more often.  

I am feeling good about the progress I am making, especially with the lip balm, eye shadow, and perfume.  I will have an update in May and then finish the project around the 20th of June so stay tuned for those updates.


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  1. Sounds like a fun trip to vegas! You are doing very well on the Laura Gellar blush :)

  2. You are doing awesome. I would love to go to Vegas I have never been. I am working on a post of skincare empties to join with you. I hope to have posted next week.

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