Sunday, April 9, 2017

Beauty Empties - March

Time for my favorite post of every month - empties!  It is gratifying seeing how much I am using up every month and keeps me working towards my goal of decreasing the amount of beauty products I own.  I also love being able to review the products for all of you and also seeing other people's empties and what they loved and didn't like.

I didn't use up a huge amount of products this month but I finished quite a few full size items so that is exciting.

1.  Loreal Total Repair 5 shampoo - I really like this shampoo and have used it a few times.  At times, I feel like it may give me some build up but I use a clarifying shampoo about once a week and that seems to help.  I am happy to say that I no longer have backups of shampoo or conditioner!  I have one shampoo and one conditioner in my shower at this moment and that is it!  Woohoo!

2.  Air Repair Complexion Quenching Facial Mist - I bought this because I watched too much Youtube and decided I needed to be using a setting spray (lol).  A setting spray is not something I feel that I need in my routine so I won't repurchase.

3.  Tarte Maracuja Oil - This product was free in a sample bag.  I don't use oils like this on my face because I don't need the extra moisture.  It has worked out well during the winter to use them on my chest, neck and any other areas that have been extra dry.

4.  Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Gel Cleanser - I really liked this cleanser!  It kept my skin clear and cleansed well without drying it out.  I might purchase this when I need a cleanser.

5.  Pacifica Kale Detox face wash - I loved this face wash as well.  While using these two face washes, my skin was the clearest it has been in a very long time!  I will definitely repurchase.

6.  Murad Clarifying Toner - I bought this for my face a long time ago and absolutely hated it.  The scent is super strong and I couldn't handle it on my face.  If you follow my project use it up posts, you know that I have been working through this for a long time by using it on areas of my body like my back.  I am glad it is gone and won't repurchase.

7.  Mario Badescu Cellufirm Drops - I have been using this as my nighttime serum and I really like it.  It doesn't break me out and seems to help with firming.  I am trying some other serums but I might go back to this one if I don't like them.  I would like a product that feels like it has more anti-wrinkle properties so I am on the hunt.

8.  The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil - I have had this in my routine for quite awhile and have always used it on specific spots that are prone to breakouts.  This is usually my chin and I tend to feel like it feels oilier that it needs to.  I don't know if that is from applying this product but I might try something different.  I have one other tea tree oil I am finishing now but then I might go without it for awhile and see how my skin does.

9.  Chapstick in cake batter - This smelled so good!  I am not picky about my chapstick unless I feel like it is drying my lips out.  I buy chapstick brand often.

10.  Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel - This is a powder that you mix with water and massage onto your face.  My face felt so soft after using this product.  I have some other peels I have been holding on to so I am more motivated to use them now and make my skin super soft again:)

11.  LOC Shadow Stick in On Point - This came in a Birchbox and I liked the shade but the product wasn't anything special.  I also felt like it went much faster than other eye crayons I have used.

12.  Clean Reserve Perfume - This was a nice scent.  I like the super fresh clean scents.  I don't think I like it enough to purchase a full size though.

13.  Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Verte - I loved this fragrance!  I had tried another one from Tory Burch that was way too floral but this was a combo of floral and fresh scent.  I might purchase a rollerball of this one down the road.

14.  Sephora Cotton Rounds - I keep these in a container in my bathroom and they are my absolutely favorite!  I do not count these in my empties total.

During the month of March I used a total of 14 products (9 full size, 1 deluxe, 4 samples).  I post any samples on my Instagram instead of including them in these empties so the posts don't get to long.  I also decluttered 30 products that I won't use (wrong shade, wrong for my hair or skin type, etc.).

My total used for this month was $93.99.

Totals for this year
Used - 110
Cost - $246.48


*Not sponsored.  All products purchased by me.


  1. Thanks for the note on Juice Beauty's Green Apple Brightening Cleanser! Packed with brightening antioxidant rich ingredients and coconut sudsers....Great post...Karen Behnke, Founder Juice Beauty

    1. Thank you Karen! It is a great cleanser. I have really enjoyed the Juice Beauty products I have tried.