Friday, March 17, 2017

Finish 6 by Summer Intro

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!  Since I finished my last seasonal challenge/project pan at the end of February, I wanted to find a new challenge to join in.  Kristen Kay on Youtube was doing Finish 6 by Summer so I decided to join her in this project.  Some of these products are repeats from other projects that I am hoping to finally finish up.  The project will end around the 20th of June.

1.  Bare Minerals 5 in 1 cream shadow/base - This is a small deluxe size cream shadow.  I just finished by eye base and need a new one so I am going to work on this one.  I prefer pencil type products so I know I wouldn't reach for this if I don't put it in this project.  I have marked it but I haven't used it before so it is brand new even though the line is not at the top.

2.  Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume - This is a rollerball that I have been working on for awhile as you can see by all the lines.  It has been in my Project Use It Up each month but I haven't been very motivated to finish it.  I am hoping that I'll be more consistent with it if I put it in this project.

3.  Soap and Glory A Great Kisser lip balm - This is a carryover from Sweet on Project Panning.  I did use up quite a bit in the two months of that project so I am hoping to finish it during the next three months if I use it consistently.

4.  Maybelline Color Whisper in Lust for Blush - This is one of my oldest lipsticks so I want to work on finishing it before it goes bad.  My goal is to finish this product.

5.  NYX eye shadow in White Pearl - Another product I didn't finish during Sweet on Project Panning that I am hoping to finish during this project.  I will use this mainly as my eye shadow all over my lid and I might use it as a highlight if I am down to the wire and its not done:)

6.  Laura Gellar Baked Blush and Brighten in Tropic Hues - I worked on this blush last fall and thought I'd finish it and I didn't.  I have put it to the side over the last few months and I am hoping if I pull it out again, I can finish it off.  Sorry about my big ole thumb, but I wanted you to be able to see how flat it is to start out.

This is my list of products for this challenge.  I am trying to include where I am at and my goal for each one.  The bottom of the page will also be where I mark my progress for the Maybelline lipstick.

Would love to hear if you are joining in on this project or any seasonal challenges so I can check out your progress!


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.


  1. You are so brave to put a blush in!! Thanks for sharing your picks! <3

    1. It has been in way too many projects so hopefully this time will do the trick!:)

  2. Keep up the good work! How is the Soap & Glory lip balm with dry lips?

    1. I really like it. It is a bit sticky but that tends to work better for me because I feel like it stays put. It smells like peaches too!