Saturday, January 7, 2017

Project Use It Up - January Goals

Now that I am back to work, life is once again crazy.  Too much going on at the moment:)  I wanted to share my Project Use It Up for January before it gets too late in the month.  I did mark these products on the 1st of the month even though I'm a few days late posting.  The products I have included this month are a few I want to continue to focus on, a few I hope to finish, and a few I'm including to ensure I am not forgetting about them.

First up is my project page in my notebook.  This is the first page in my section for the month of January.  As you can see, I've already gotten a few boxes crossed off this week.  Yay!

Murad toner - I'm continuing to work on this product this year and hope to finish it in 2017.  I use this primarily on my back or chest if to keep breakouts at bay in those areas because it is too strong for my face.

Tarte Maracuja Oil - I don't like putting oils on my face.  It tends to make me too greasy.  So I am going to work on this oil as a body moisturizer this month, primarily on my chest and neck.  It was full when I started.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day night cap - I forget to use this product since it is supposed to go on at night before you shower.  I've used a few times and have marked an approximate starting point.

Air Repair Complexion Quenching Facial Mist - This was in my Crossing 6 off our Panning List that finished at Christmas and I would just like to get it finished.

Smashbox Blemish Control Primer - Just like above, this was in the same project and I would like to get it finished this month.

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume - I continue to work on this.  I have made some good progress in the last month.  However, I am also going to be focusing on finishing up perfume samples this year so I'll be switching between the two and might not see as much progress at some times.  My goal is to finish this by June 1st.

So, those are my goals and products for this month.  Thanks for following along on my panning journey.  I so appreciate all of you!


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