Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pan That Palette 2017 Intro

Happy New Year and Happy 2017 to you all!  I am looking forward to another great year and continuing to connect with all of you!  This is going to be the introduction to my Pan That Palette for 2017.  At the start of 2016, I began panning the Tarte Matte-nificent palette.

This is what my palette looked like when I began.  There was very little use in the top shades and the other shades had not been touched.

I have used this palette almost every day this year.  I used the cream shade all over my lid with a combination of the other shades in my crease or as a transition.  I used the dark purple as a liner on my lower lash line and the light pink under my brow bone or in the inner corner.  I used the blush a little bit during the year.  Here is what the palette looks like now.

I have good dips going in many of the shades.  There is a lot of product in these pans so I can't say for sure that I will finish this palette this year.  However, I do love that an all matte palette gives me flexibility to add in other shades in my crease and on the lid.

The duo on the bottom includes a cream shade that I have been using since finishing the one in the Tarte palette.  I have also been using the pink shade in my crease every day.

In addition to continuing this palette, I am going to be focusing on other shades each month and I will include them in my post, along with the two blushes I am focusing on (I talked about this in my goals).  For this month, I am including just the Naked palette.  This is the oldest palette in my collection and I want to focus on getting use out of this palette this year.  Sin and Toasted have the biggest amount of use in this palette (just small dips at the top) and the other shades look almost untouched.

I am going to continue working on the Laura Gellar blush in Tropic Hues that was in my Crossing 6 off our Panning List project.  I am also going use the NYX blush in the shade Mauve this month.

I will update at the beginning of February with any progress and the shades I plan to focus on in February along with my blush picks.

Thanks for following along with my projects this year!  I am going to join in the Sweet on Project Panning seasonal challenge that was posted today on Youtube so I'll get that up in the next few days as well.



  1. I adore the tarte palette. Those colors💞 I cant find it anywhere. Where did you purchase it? Thanks

    1. I believe it came from Ulta a few years ago (at least two now). If I remember correctly, I think it might also have been limited edition. Sorry:(