Monday, January 30, 2017

Pan That Palette 2017 - February Update

Guess what!?  The sun came out this morning!  Guess what else?  It was cloudy by the time I got home so my pictures are dark once again.  Ugh!

This is my February update for my Pan That Palette for the year.  I am one month into this project.  You can check out my intro here.  I am continuing to work on my Tarte Matte-nificent palette from 2016 and also focusing on my Naked palette since it is the oldest palette I own.  My goal is to pan as many shadows as possible so I will be throwing in other shadows as we go, especially if they are close to being finished.  In addition, I am rotating through blushes in an attempt to work through them as well.

Here is what I ended up using in January...

The top of the pictures is where I am at with the Tarte palette.  I use these as transition shades in my crease, the dark purple as liner, and the light pink on my brow bone.

The Stila In the Light palette was not included at the beginning of the month.  However, I was so close to finishing Kitten during the month that I started using it to try to finish that shade.  As you can see, it has a tiny bit left and will be finished off in the next few days.

I am using the darker shade in the Formal Eyes palette from Coastal Scents in my crease.  I am not using the cream shade at this time because I have a shadow in my Sweet on Project Panning seasonal challenge that I am using all over my lid to set my primer.  When I finished that, I'll go back to working on this cream shade.

The blushes I included were Laura Gellar in Tropic Hues and NYX in Mauve.  If you saw my new post, Letting Go, you saw that I decluttered that blush.  If you missed that post, you can check it out here.  The blush had no pigment ( I am guessing due to age) so I chose to get rid of it.

My planned palettes and blushes for February...

I will continue to work on the Tarte palette and the darker shade in the Coastal Scents duo.  Because the pan is so small and it was a free sample, I will not repress the shadow in the duo.  I will use as much as I can without ruining my brush.  That being said, I hope I can consider it finished this month.

I hope to use more of my Naked palette this month since I ended up adding in other shadows in January.

I am definitely seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with that Laura Gellar blush and feel like I could be close to finishing it.  However, I am tired of using it at the moment and so I'm going to set it to the side and I'll come back to it another month.

For this month, I am going to use the blush in the Tarte palette which is the shade Elevated (I have looked and have not seen it sold as a full size blush).  I will also be using the Cargo blush in Bali which is a little more peach for some variety.

I would love to hear what you are panning!  Oh, and if it is sunny where you are:)  Please send sun!


*All products were purchased by me.  All opinions are my own.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Sweet on Project Panning Update

Almost one month down for 2017 already!  I'm excited because that means my birthday month will be starting soon:)  And we are one month closer to warmer weather.

I am going to be updating my progress for the Sweet on Project Panning seasonal challenge.  This was started on Youtube and a lot of people have joined in both on Youtube and Instagram.  If you search Sweet on Project Panning on Youtube or #sweetpans on Instagram, you can see all of the people participating.  This will be my only update for this project.  I started January 1st and ends February 28th so we are halfway through the project at this time.  You can see my intro post here.

Here is where I am at...

1.  Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle spray - I am at the black line right above the design at the bottom of the bottle.  This was new when I started but I use it every time I dry my hair and sometimes when I air dry it as well.  This will be definitely be finished soon!

2.  Mario Badescu Strawberry Tonic Mask - My goal for this project was to use this mask once a week.  It was brand new when I started but I wanted to see how much I could get through.  I am going to use this again on Sunday (my night I usually mask), however, I think it might be breaking me out.  I can't decide if it detoxifying spots on my skin or causing the breakouts itself.

After this Sunday, if I still seem to be having skin issues, I am going to switch to the Fresh Rose Mask and try to finish it up during the month of February.  That way I am still working through a "sweet" product but I am not fretting about the state of my skin while I do it.  This is the other jar pictured.

3.  NYX eyeshadow in White Pearl - I have been working on the top left corner and do see some progress but it definitely isn't moving as quickly as I had thought it would.  I use this as a base all over my lid before I apply my other shadows.  I am going to try to use it as a face highlight too to try and work through it by the end of this project.

4.  Soap and Glory A Great Kisser lip balm - My goal was to work on the left side of this balm to clear it out.  I have definitely expanded the pan since I started at the beginning of the month.  I apply this every morning before my makeup.  I then to try to use this as my primary lip balm when I am home and need something.

5.  Stila Lip Glaze in Raspberry Sorbet - You can see my progress mark on this lipgloss.  Although it looks bright, it is pretty sheer.  I am really only applying this once a day so I am going to try to throw in some extra applications.  I am not totally sure I will finish this, it will be close.

6.  Bonus Item - Chapstick in Cake Batter - You can see my progress marks on the paper above the chapstick.  I used quite a bit by applying this each night before bed but I am not sure I will finish this product in the next month.  If not, I will definitely be pretty close.

I apologize for the picture quality but it has been nothing but dark and cloudy here.  The weather man says it could be next weekend before we see the sun and I don't want to wait that long to be posting on the blog (if the sun even appears:).

Thanks for stopping by!

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Letting Go Vol. 1

I'm going to start a new type of post on the blog.  I usually throw in my declutter items at the end of my monthly empties post.  However, I sometimes feel as though these products warrant their own reviews and explanations as to why they didn't work for me.  Also, they aren't really empty so it doesn't always make sense to lump them in with that type of post.  So, I'm going to call these Letting Go and share products I am letting go of even though they are not empty.  This may not be a monthly post depending on how many products I have, if any.

Disclaimer:  Just because these products didn't work for me, doesn't mean they won't work for you.  We are all different with different preferences.  I am just sharing why I have opted to move these products out my collection.  In addition, with panning and trying out new products, I have elected not to keep products around unless I absolutely love them.

The products I am letting go of this month are...

1.  Origins Vita Zing sheer tint release - I was excited to try out this product because I love light/medium coverage products versus full coverage foundations.  This also has an SPF of 15 which is great for every day in the winter when I am not outside often.  The problem with this is the tint.  I am fair skinned and this was way too dark and too orange for me.  I looked like an oompa loompa so it must go.

2.  Mally Age Rebel concealer - I bought this concealer a very long time ago for my face.  I have tried several times over the last few years to use it and I have finally given up.  This is very thick and I find it looks unnatural on my skin.  I have the shade light.  I also find the shade tends towards a very yellow tone which also isn't great for my skin tone.

3.  NYX blush in Mauve - I included this as one of the two blushes I was going work on this month in my Pan That Palette post at the beginning of the month.  I believe this blush just got old.  I can't tell you when I bought it and I know I have never used it.  My brush picks up very little product and what it does pick up, does not show up on my cheeks.  I feel like I am ruining my brush trying to get enough product on it so this is going to go.

4.  Lavanila The Healthy Deodorant in Pure Vanilla - I have been trying out natural deodorants and am just not finding one that works for me (yet).  I had this on for about 6 hours before I could really smell myself (eeeewww!).  Now, I do sweat a lot during the day (just how I am) and I do work out almost daily so I need something pretty powerful.  I will continue my hunt but this just did not work for my body.

I hope these reviews are helpful for you.  I am always trying to find some new things to add to the blog and give some variety to my posts.

Thanks for reading!

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Birchbox - Reviews and January's Box

Happy weekend to you all!  I am happy to report that it is sunny out this morning!  It has been weeks of cloudiness so it was wonderful to enjoy my coffee with some beautiful sunshine this morning.

December was a bit of a crazy month around our house and so I never posted my December Birchbox and November reviews.  I will let you know what came in my January box and then I will review both November and December for you.

The theme for January is New Year New Perspective.  Products I received this month:
Arrow Endure Water Resistant Mascara - full size $20
Coastal Scents Blush and Highlighter Duo - full size $19.95
English Laundry Notting Hill Femme perfume - full size $25-$90
ModelCo Lip Enhancer Illusion Lip Liner - full size $20
Nuxe Moisturizer Cream Creme Fraiche de Beaute - full size $34

I have to say, I'm not very excited about most of this month's box.  My pre-paid yearly subscription will be up this spring and I'm not too sad about it at this point.  The blush and bronzer duo is the product I am most excited about.  I find with these sampler duos though, it is hard to get a brush into the small pans to use the product effectively.

I will start with November reviews...

Chelle eyebrow pencil in tantalizing taupe - I am not really an eyebrow pencil person.  However, I recently ran out of my Gimme Brow so I started using this paired with an eyebrow gel.  I am getting the hang of it and it is an easy pencil to use (meaning I haven't totally messed it up yet:)  The full size is $18.

Marcelo New-age LumiPower 3-in-1 moisturizer - I was very excited to try this out because I usually love Marcelle products.  Unfortunately, I was not a fan of this product.  It clogged my pores and I got little tiny breakouts in places that I don't usually break out.  I ended up getting rid of it before I even finished it.  The full size is $26.

Oribe Superfine Hairspray - I loved this hairspray!  It gave me hold without being crunchy or sticky.  It is pretty expensive for a hairspray with the full size being $22-$33.  I have found a lot of other hairsprays that are less money that work well.  But if I want to splurge at any point, I'll pick this up.

Bumble and bumble Hairdresser's invisible oil - I have not tried this product because I have similar products that are already open that I want to finish first.  I do like hair oils for controlling frizz so I will definitely use this at some point.

Coola Mineral SPF 30 daydream makeup primer - I have not tried this product either because I have other primers I am trying to use up.  I will definitely update when I try this one out.

Now for December reviews...

I have to say that I have yet to try out any of these products.  I am trying to be better about not having a bunch of products open because then I end up throwing them away.  They usually go bad before I finish everything I have open.  I can say that I have tried the Real Chemistry Luminous 3 minute peel in the past and I do like it.  It was my sample choice for this month's box.  You apply it, let it sit and then you rub it off and it kind of balls up to exfoliate your skin.  My skin can be sensitive and this doesn't bother me, so it is a win.

Part of the reason I am not subscribing to Birchbox any longer is because I just have too many products.  I am not using them up (or even opening them) in a timely fashion and they are just piling up.  Focusing on using up more products over the past few years has shown me how long it really takes to go through products and, while I enjoy the fun mail, I don't need to keep collecting products I don't open.

Thanks for reading!

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Was It Worth It? - Thoughts on September's purchases

It has been a few months since I made my purchases in September so it is time to give some reviews to you all.  Hopefully I have used quite a few of them this time:)

My first purchase was from Sephora.  I love their cotton rounds but I also picked up the Becca Under Eye Brightening Corrector.  I finished my Pixi concealer and have been really enjoying this Becca one.  I find it to be more hydrating than the Pixi one and it does brighten under my concealer while also covering some of the blue/purple in my dark circles.

I have used the Caudalie serum sample and really liked it.  I would consider purchasing it when I need a new serum.  I have not used the other samples yet.

This was the sample bag that came with the above purchase.  I have passed along the mascara because I am not a fan of it.  I have been using the Beauty Blender Solid cleanser and really like how well it cleans my beauty blender.  I recently tried the Origins vitazing moisturizer and I hate it.  It has a tint to it but it makes me very dark and very orange.  I will be decluttering it.  The have used the Belif moisturizer in the past and I do like it.  There other products I have not used yet.

My second purchase was from Ulta.  I needed a new nail tool and I had extra points on Mario Badescu so I picked up my favorite toner.  I have not used this bottle yet but it was a repurchase that I know I love.  I'm really looking forward to finishing up what I am using now and getting back to it because I think it did good things for my skin.

My other Ulta purchase in September was the Lorac Mega Pro 3 palette.  I have never bought a Lorac palette (I do have one small trio) but I really loved the colors in this palette so I had to pick it up.  I had points to use so I got it for a little cheaper too, which helped.  I love this palette!  I don't use it as often as I should but the colors are so pretty and I love the looks I get when I use it.

I have used the Bliss sample and I wasn't a fan.  It is more of an exfoliator than a daily face wash.

Last, was my Sephora Play box for the month.  I have passed on the Tattoo liner because I don't use liquid liner.  I have used the Sheer transformation in the past and I do like it (although not enough to go out and purchase a full size).  I am trying to finish up the few moisturizers I already have open before I use this one.
I am using the Perfect Hair Day Night Cap as part of my January Use It Up.  I do think that my hair feels softer after I wash and dry it when I use this the night before.  It is in my Use It Up just because I tend to forget about it and want to make sure I am using it.
I really like the Sephora lipstick.  It is sheer and doesn't last long but it is very comfortable.  That is my kind of lipstick.
I am not a fan of the Anastasia clear brow gel because it makes my brows feel crunchy.  However, I am using it right now in my brow routine to try and get some use out of it.
The cologne sample is in my pile to use up this year.

I am glad to see that I have used a few more of the products this month than I have been in the past.  Go me:)


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

New to Me in December

Happy weekend everyone!  I am already doing a horrible job keeping up with the posting schedule I created for this month.  LOL.  I will try to catch up this week and get back on schedule.  I wanted to share the few things I picked up during the month of December.

Sephora Purchase:
At the beginning of December, Sephora offered a dollar amount of your purchase.  I believe I had $20 off of $50 (it was awhile ago so I'm not positive).  They were also offering sample bags with purchase.  The was down to only one foundation in my collection and had been wanting to try the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light so I decided to pick that up.  I am in shade 1.0.  I also grabbed the Sephora gloss in Earth and Fire.  I really liked the formula of the gloss I received in my Play box awhile back and wanted to try another shade.  The other 3 items were the samples I received.

Sephora sample bag with purchase:
This is the sample bag I chose with the above purchase.  I chose this bag for a few reasons.  1.  I am using my only daytime eye cream and thought I would try the Pep Start when I finish it.  I am using my only eye primer and will need a replacement soon (the Urban Decay one pictured).  I also love the Jack Black balm.

Sephora Play Box:
I have not used most of these items yet so I'll review in the coming months.
1.  Sephora lipstain in Always Red - I already passed this along because I don't wear red.
2.  Make Up For Ever step 1 primer
3.  Drybar Detox dry shampoo
4.  Lancome Hypnose drama mascara
5.  Urban Decay all nighter setting spray
6.  Elizabeth and James perfume in Nirvana rose

Julep Purchase:
As part of my Christmas gift, I subscribed to the Julep box for 6 months.  At the time, they also offered a nail polish free gift.  This box of mini Julep polishes arrived (you'll see the boxes starting in January).  I've already used the maroon and gold on the right end and love them both.

I feel like I did pretty well in December with my purchases.  I grabbed a few things I wanted to try, got some good samples, and didn't go crazy with my spending.  I hope this is a trend I can continue with in 2017.


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Beauty Empties - December

Time to wrap up the empties of 2016 with December's empties.  I know everyone says this, but I can't believe it is January of a new year already.  I'm sure it will be another great one!

Haircare Empties:
Redken Triple Take 32 hairspray - This was fine.  I bought it because I was running low and it was half price at Ulta.  It didn't wow me enough to go out and repurchase.
Tresemme anti-breakage shampoo - I know this is a cheap drugstore shampoo but I really like it.  I don't get buildup and it doesn't make my hair greasy.  I would repurchase but it won't be soon because I have some to work though and I'd like to try some new ones.

Bodycare Empties:
Juice Beauty Green Apple Age Defy Hand Cream - This came in a sample bag or box at some point.  I didn't like it.  It wasn't moisturizing enough for me.
Bath and Body Works Sea Island Cotton lotion - Cotton is my favorite scent!  I like these lotions and I do love this scent.  However, I don't usually buy BBW lotions just because it is easier for me to run to Target or Ulta when I need lotion.
Bliss Micro Magic microdermabrasion - I got this in a PopSugar box and I assume it is for your face. The scent and scrubby parts were way to harsh for my face to I ended up using it as a body scrub.  I wouldn't purchase it.
Ponds Rejuveness anti wrinkle cream - This was a fine face cream but I wasn't a huge fan so I finished it off on my neck and chest area.

Other Empties:
Sephora cotton rounds - My favorite!
Ulta Cotton Pads - I'll buy them in a pinch if I don't have any Sephora ones.
Kerstin Florian Correcting At-Home Professional Peel - I am so happy to finally have finished these since they were pricey.  I was very bad about using them consistently so I can't say they had a fabulous effect on my skin.  I'd like to try something similar and use them regularly to see if they really do work.  If you have a brand for me to try, let me know!
Stella McCartney Pop perfume sample - This came in a Sephora Play box and I really liked it.  When the weather gets a little warmer and I finish some other perfumes, I plan to buy a rollerball of this scent.

Makeup Empties:
It Cosmetics CC Cream - Just like so many other people, I do like this CC cream.  The only part I don't like is that I am in between the fair and light shades.  I can bronze up the light shade in the winter to make it work but for the price, I'm not sure I really want to be doing that.  It may be a repurchase one day.
Pixi Brightening Peach Corrector - I use this under my eyes before my concealer to cancel out the dark circles.  I like this one and it does the job.  I am currently trying a Becca product instead and I'd like to try the Erase Paste too at some point before I repurchase.
Sumitra eyeliner in purple - I can't tell you the exact shade because I've sharpened it too far down at this point.  Purple eyeliners are my favorite and I really liked this one.  There are other brands that are more readily available that I would purchase over this one.
Cargo Boundless Lashes mascara - No.  It did nothing for my lashes and I layered it under other mascaras because it was worthless on its own.
Urban Decay Perversion mascara - I like this mascara but I find that it dries out and flakes on me very quickly.  Perhaps it was the sample, but I only got a few weeks out of this.
Stila Lip Glaze in Honeydew - I love these lip glazes even though they are sticky because I find they last a long time.  I have been working through quite a few I used to I probably won't repurchase for awhile.
Bite Beauty duo in musk and lychee - I liked these lipsticks.  They were moisturizing and I loved the colors.

Items to declutter:
Garnier BB cream - I've been trying to work through this for awhile now.  It is way too dark for me in the winter and I'm sure it is expired at this point.  It seems to be breaking me out as well.  I got a lot of use out of it though.
Marcelle 3 in 1 - This moisturizer from Birchbox broke me out so I stopped using it.
Derma E Makeup Remover - This is horrible.  It is like a gel and it is goopy and it gets in my eyes and doesn't remove anything.
ACV apple cider vinegar hair rinse - I know this is supposed to be good for your hair but it just seemed to make my hair greasy when I used it.
Kiehls Nourishing Olive Fruit Oil conditioner - I bought this with the shampoo for travel but it is way too thick and moisturizing for my hair.  It makes it very greasy so the rest needs to go.

For the month of December, I used up 22 products (11 full size, 8 deluxe size, and 3 samples).  I also decluttered 11 items.

For the year I have moved out 321products!  I'm pretty happy with that!


Saturday, January 7, 2017

Project Use It Up - January Goals

Now that I am back to work, life is once again crazy.  Too much going on at the moment:)  I wanted to share my Project Use It Up for January before it gets too late in the month.  I did mark these products on the 1st of the month even though I'm a few days late posting.  The products I have included this month are a few I want to continue to focus on, a few I hope to finish, and a few I'm including to ensure I am not forgetting about them.

First up is my project page in my notebook.  This is the first page in my section for the month of January.  As you can see, I've already gotten a few boxes crossed off this week.  Yay!

Murad toner - I'm continuing to work on this product this year and hope to finish it in 2017.  I use this primarily on my back or chest if to keep breakouts at bay in those areas because it is too strong for my face.

Tarte Maracuja Oil - I don't like putting oils on my face.  It tends to make me too greasy.  So I am going to work on this oil as a body moisturizer this month, primarily on my chest and neck.  It was full when I started.

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day night cap - I forget to use this product since it is supposed to go on at night before you shower.  I've used a few times and have marked an approximate starting point.

Air Repair Complexion Quenching Facial Mist - This was in my Crossing 6 off our Panning List that finished at Christmas and I would just like to get it finished.

Smashbox Blemish Control Primer - Just like above, this was in the same project and I would like to get it finished this month.

Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume - I continue to work on this.  I have made some good progress in the last month.  However, I am also going to be focusing on finishing up perfume samples this year so I'll be switching between the two and might not see as much progress at some times.  My goal is to finish this by June 1st.

So, those are my goals and products for this month.  Thanks for following along on my panning journey.  I so appreciate all of you!


Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Sweet on Project Panning Intro

Hello again!  I was planning to get my Project Use It Up for January up next but I saw this seasonal challenge come up on Youtube the other day and thought I would join in.  I like to participate in at least one seasonal challenge at a time because it encourages me to use up more products, especially makeup that I don't usually put in my Project Use It Up.  So, I'm going to get my intro up for this project and then you'll see Project Use It Up in a few days.

The title of this seasonal challenge is Sweet on Project Panning and it is a large collaboration on Youtube between many who project pan.  If you search for the title of the project, their videos will come up (little hint, I always sort by upload date so I get the most recent ones).  The challenge runs from January 1st until February 28th.  You are to pick 5-6 products with the goal that they have some sort of sweet or candy theme.

I thought I would start by showing you the page in my beauty notebook for this project.  I have listed out all the products with my goals for the project.  For the one item, I also left room for a progress marking at the bottom of the page.  Adding a goal for each item is something new I decided to do.
So here is what I chose and why it fits the theme...

1.  Mario Badescu Strawberry Tonic Mask - I am including this mask because it smells like strawberries.  As of the start of the project, I haven't even opened the mask and it is a full size product.  I know I won't use the whole thing but my goal is to use the mask at least once a week and see how much progress I can make.  I am really bad at using masks so remembering to do it once a week is a good goal for me.

2.  Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle - This is included because it smells like cotton candy.  This product is also unopened but is a deluxe size.  My goal is to finish the product by the end of the project.

3.  NYX single eyeshadow in White Pearl - I included this shadow because it looks like frosting or marshmallows (thanks to some of the Youtube ladies for the idea).  This shadow was in a project I worked on in 2016 and I made a really good dent in it.  I will use this shade all over my lid to set my primer.  I hope to finish this shadow in the next two months, but it might be cutting it close:)

4.  Stila Lip Glaze in Raspberry Sorbet - Since it is pink and the name is ice cream, I thought it was a lip product to include.  This is a deluxe size lip glaze and I can usually finish a full size in a few months so I hope to finish this one in the two months that the project will last.

5.  Soap and Glory A Great Kisser lip balm - This is included in the project because it smells like peaches.  My goal is to clear out the left size of this tin.  I would like to finish more but it takes forever to use up a tin like this so I'm hoping the left size isn't too optimistic.  I have had this lip balm a long time and it needs to get finished up this year.

6.  Chapstick in Cake Batter - This smells like...cake batter (who knew?:) so I thought it was a great item to include.  I use this every night before bed and a full size chapstick usually takes me 3-4 months to finish when I use it nightly.  I don't remember when I started this so I don't know if I'll finish it but I should get close.

So, these are my six products for this project.  If I can hit my goal on 5 of the 6, I'll call it a success.  I will do one update at the beginning of February, unless I'm seeing a lot of progress for 2 week updates.


Sunday, January 1, 2017

Pan That Palette 2017 Intro

Happy New Year and Happy 2017 to you all!  I am looking forward to another great year and continuing to connect with all of you!  This is going to be the introduction to my Pan That Palette for 2017.  At the start of 2016, I began panning the Tarte Matte-nificent palette.

This is what my palette looked like when I began.  There was very little use in the top shades and the other shades had not been touched.

I have used this palette almost every day this year.  I used the cream shade all over my lid with a combination of the other shades in my crease or as a transition.  I used the dark purple as a liner on my lower lash line and the light pink under my brow bone or in the inner corner.  I used the blush a little bit during the year.  Here is what the palette looks like now.

I have good dips going in many of the shades.  There is a lot of product in these pans so I can't say for sure that I will finish this palette this year.  However, I do love that an all matte palette gives me flexibility to add in other shades in my crease and on the lid.

The duo on the bottom includes a cream shade that I have been using since finishing the one in the Tarte palette.  I have also been using the pink shade in my crease every day.

In addition to continuing this palette, I am going to be focusing on other shades each month and I will include them in my post, along with the two blushes I am focusing on (I talked about this in my goals).  For this month, I am including just the Naked palette.  This is the oldest palette in my collection and I want to focus on getting use out of this palette this year.  Sin and Toasted have the biggest amount of use in this palette (just small dips at the top) and the other shades look almost untouched.

I am going to continue working on the Laura Gellar blush in Tropic Hues that was in my Crossing 6 off our Panning List project.  I am also going use the NYX blush in the shade Mauve this month.

I will update at the beginning of February with any progress and the shades I plan to focus on in February along with my blush picks.

Thanks for following along with my projects this year!  I am going to join in the Sweet on Project Panning seasonal challenge that was posted today on Youtube so I'll get that up in the next few days as well.