Sunday, April 23, 2017

Finish 6 by Summer Update #1

I am a few days late with my update for Finish 6 by Summer but I was enjoying a girls trip in Las Vegas.  We laid by the pool, ate yummy food, and had a nice relaxing time.  Some of these items in the project I feel really good about my progress and others I'm not as confident about anymore:)

These two pictures are from my introduction in March which you can see here.

I am working on the NYX single eyeshadow in White Pearl and the Soap and Glory lip balm in A Great Kisser.  These are the starting points showing the amount of pan when I began the project.

This above picture is where I am at with these two products now.  I have expanded the pan in the center of the eye shadow.  I use a big fluffy brush to apply this all over my eye before any other shadows.  I have been working on the left side of the lip balm to clear it out and have expanded the pan there as well.

The next product is the Marc Jacobs rollerball perfume in Dot.  I marked my progress line and am hoping with steady use, I can finish it in the next two months.
The Bare Minerals eye base is a little trickier.  I have used it every time I have worn makeup, but there is absolutely no progress to mark.  I am hoping it is just because the product clings to the sides of the container.  However, I have no idea if it will be finished in two months.

I am also working on the Laura Gellar blush in Tropic Hues.  I am continuing to flatten it out since the product is domed to begin with, but I have not seen any pan yet.

The final product is the Maybelline color whisper in Lust for Blush.  I have been trying to use it at least once a day, sometimes more.  I have made pretty good progress although I'm not sure it is enough to finish it in two months.  I am going to try to make an effort to use it more often.  

I am feeling good about the progress I am making, especially with the lip balm, eye shadow, and perfume.  I will have an update in May and then finish the project around the 20th of June so stay tuned for those updates.


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Monday, April 17, 2017

Was It Worth It? - Thoughts on December Purchases

I  know I just posted my March Haul yesterday but I am super behind on everything I wanted to post this month.  I plan everything out at the beginning of the month and it never quite seems to go as scheduled:)  So I am now playing catch up and you'll probably get a whole bunch of stuff this week.  This post will be my reviews on the items I purchased back in December.  I included them in my haul post in January which you can check out here.

My first purchase was from Sephora.  A coupon with a dollar amount off your purchase was mailed out and they also had a sample bag they were offering.  I picked up the Estee Lauder Double Wear Light in shade 1.0.  I really like the foundation and the coverage.  It wears well for me but I do find that even this shade in 1.0 is too dark for me in the winter.  I will use this up in the next few months as I get a bit of a tan.  Sephora does carry a shade in .5 that I might try out in the future.

I also picked up a lipgloss from the Sephora brand in the shade Earth and Fire.  I love the formula of these glosses.  I don't wear it nearly enough because I am trying to work through older lip products before they go bad.  But I do love how these feel and there are a million shades to choose from.

As for the samples, I absolutely loved this Tory Burch fragrance.  You can see my review in my March empties.  I don't think I have even used the others.

This was the sample bag that I received with my order.  I have been using up the Urban Decay eye shadow primer samples.  I do like the original formula of their primer but I have not been a fan of the other ones like the anti-aging or the shimmer one.  I also used up the Clean Reserve perfume sample. I have not found a Clean scent I do not like.  I love the fresh scent of them.

The Amore Pacific peel left my face super soft.  It was a powder that you mixed with water and then applied to your face and rinsed off.  It was one of those things where I kept having to force myself not to touch my face because it felt so nice.  lol

I passed on the lipstick since I don't wear red and I haven't not used the other products included in the bag yet.

The next part of my haul was my Sephora Play box.  Again, the lip stain was in a darker shade that I will not wear so I passed it along.

I recently finished the Urban Decay All Nighter setting spray.  It was nice but I don't feel like setting sprays do anything for me or that they are a necessary step in my makeup.
I also finished off the Detox Dry Shampoo which I did not like.  It left a very heavy white cast that I felt was much harder to work in than other dry shampoos I have tried.
I recently opened the Lancome mascara and it gives me good length but does not give me volume that I need.  I will continue to use it up and see if my opinions change.

The final part of my December purchases was this Julep nail polish sampler.  I subscribed to the Julep Maven box as part of my Christmas presents for 6 months.  This nail polish set was a free gift with subscription.  I have absolutely loved the Julep nail polishes, as well as the other products from the brand that have come in my monthly boxes.  It was definitely a good choice for me!  I find that the Julep polishes last a good week (sometimes more) on me before I feel they have chipped too much and need to be removed.  This is so much better than other formulas I have tried.

I hope these reviews help give you a better idea of the products and I what I think.  I enjoy these posts for myself because it helps keep me aware of whether I am making use of my purchases or buying more than I can really use in the 3 months since I posted the haul.


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Sunday, April 16, 2017

New to Me in March

I did pretty well with my spending in March and my purchases.  I did not make any crazy impulse purchases so I was very pleased with that.  Here is what I did buy during the month.

Purchase #1 - Sephora ($17.00)
I needed to replenish my stock of cotton rounds from Sephora.  Also, I hadn't ordered anything in February to get my birthday gift so I added that in as well.

Purchase #1 - Sephora (cont. - gifts with purchase)
Sephora was running a special for 5 samples with purchase instead of 3 so these are the samples I chose (I actually got the ones I picked:) and the birthday gift.  I had a hard time choosing between the Caudalie skincare set and this Tarte set but I have so much skincare to work through I thought I would try out the lip paints and get the Tarte one.

Purchase #2 - Julep Maven box (prepaid - not in total)
I am in love with the purple color on my nails.  I posted a picture of it on my nails on my Instagram (@lovetobebusyblog).

Purchase #3 - Sephora Play box (not in total)
I wasn't too thrilled about this box in March because three of the products were some type of illuminator or highlighter.  It just seems like a bit much of the same type of product.  Also, the Make Up For Ever shadow was the exact same one I received in a previous box.

The last thing I picked up (which isn't pictured) was the Wet and Wild trio in Hieroglyphic Heart.  It is limited edition and I don't usually feel the need to hunt those down but I was excited by the colors of this one.  I had a friend looking and I finally found it around me!

I took in a total of 20 products this month through purchases and subscription boxes.  I spent a total of $2.99 since I don't count the cotton rounds.

What have you purchased recently that you love?

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Sunday, April 9, 2017

Beauty Empties - March

Time for my favorite post of every month - empties!  It is gratifying seeing how much I am using up every month and keeps me working towards my goal of decreasing the amount of beauty products I own.  I also love being able to review the products for all of you and also seeing other people's empties and what they loved and didn't like.

I didn't use up a huge amount of products this month but I finished quite a few full size items so that is exciting.

1.  Loreal Total Repair 5 shampoo - I really like this shampoo and have used it a few times.  At times, I feel like it may give me some build up but I use a clarifying shampoo about once a week and that seems to help.  I am happy to say that I no longer have backups of shampoo or conditioner!  I have one shampoo and one conditioner in my shower at this moment and that is it!  Woohoo!

2.  Air Repair Complexion Quenching Facial Mist - I bought this because I watched too much Youtube and decided I needed to be using a setting spray (lol).  A setting spray is not something I feel that I need in my routine so I won't repurchase.

3.  Tarte Maracuja Oil - This product was free in a sample bag.  I don't use oils like this on my face because I don't need the extra moisture.  It has worked out well during the winter to use them on my chest, neck and any other areas that have been extra dry.

4.  Juice Beauty Green Apple Brightening Gel Cleanser - I really liked this cleanser!  It kept my skin clear and cleansed well without drying it out.  I might purchase this when I need a cleanser.

5.  Pacifica Kale Detox face wash - I loved this face wash as well.  While using these two face washes, my skin was the clearest it has been in a very long time!  I will definitely repurchase.

6.  Murad Clarifying Toner - I bought this for my face a long time ago and absolutely hated it.  The scent is super strong and I couldn't handle it on my face.  If you follow my project use it up posts, you know that I have been working through this for a long time by using it on areas of my body like my back.  I am glad it is gone and won't repurchase.

7.  Mario Badescu Cellufirm Drops - I have been using this as my nighttime serum and I really like it.  It doesn't break me out and seems to help with firming.  I am trying some other serums but I might go back to this one if I don't like them.  I would like a product that feels like it has more anti-wrinkle properties so I am on the hunt.

8.  The Body Shop Tea Tree Oil - I have had this in my routine for quite awhile and have always used it on specific spots that are prone to breakouts.  This is usually my chin and I tend to feel like it feels oilier that it needs to.  I don't know if that is from applying this product but I might try something different.  I have one other tea tree oil I am finishing now but then I might go without it for awhile and see how my skin does.

9.  Chapstick in cake batter - This smelled so good!  I am not picky about my chapstick unless I feel like it is drying my lips out.  I buy chapstick brand often.

10.  Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel - This is a powder that you mix with water and massage onto your face.  My face felt so soft after using this product.  I have some other peels I have been holding on to so I am more motivated to use them now and make my skin super soft again:)

11.  LOC Shadow Stick in On Point - This came in a Birchbox and I liked the shade but the product wasn't anything special.  I also felt like it went much faster than other eye crayons I have used.

12.  Clean Reserve Perfume - This was a nice scent.  I like the super fresh clean scents.  I don't think I like it enough to purchase a full size though.

13.  Tory Burch Jolie Fleur Verte - I loved this fragrance!  I had tried another one from Tory Burch that was way too floral but this was a combo of floral and fresh scent.  I might purchase a rollerball of this one down the road.

14.  Sephora Cotton Rounds - I keep these in a container in my bathroom and they are my absolutely favorite!  I do not count these in my empties total.

During the month of March I used a total of 14 products (9 full size, 1 deluxe, 4 samples).  I post any samples on my Instagram instead of including them in these empties so the posts don't get to long.  I also decluttered 30 products that I won't use (wrong shade, wrong for my hair or skin type, etc.).

My total used for this month was $93.99.

Totals for this year
Used - 110
Cost - $246.48


*Not sponsored.  All products purchased by me.

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Project Use It Up - April Update

I am so tired of this rainy weather we have been having.  It was cloudy and raining all last week and that seems to be the trend this week too.  Bring on some sunshine!

My March goals were the same as they have been for the other months.  I did a good job of using a mask at least once a week.  I often forget to mark these boxes so I think I might have masked a few more times since my goal was two times a week.  I was bad about using foil packets this month but I used so many during #foilfebruary that I needed a break.

I finished two of my products this month from my list.  Yay!  I was able to finish the Murad toner and the Tarte Maracuja oil.  I used the Murad toner to clarify areas of my body, not my face, in an effort to use this up.  Therefore, I won't be replacing it with another product.  I have been using the Tarte product on my neck and chest and you will see my replacement pictured below.

My goals for April are changing just slightly.  I took out the perfume sample boxes because I am trying to use finish a rollerball as part of a seasonal project and I am going to focus on that for now.

I am continuing to work on the Living Proof night cap.  It is very hard to tell if I have made any progress on this item with the packaging.  I tend to forget about it since I need to put it in my hair the night before I wash it, but I am trying to remember.  The Josie Maran oil was added in during March after I finished the Tarte oil.  As you can see, I am about halfway done with this product and expect to finish it this month.  I am using this in the same way as the Tarte oil, as a chest and neck moisturizer.

These are the masks I will be working on for April.  The Balance Me radiance mask was started in March and I am about halfway done (the progress lines are current).  I have one or two uses left in the Fresh Rose Mask and will start using the Korres Wild Rose mask when I finish the Fresh one.  I hope to finish the Fresh and Balance Me masks this month.

The primer I included in the March goals was the Becca Backlight priming filter.  However, it did not work well for my skin.  I am passing the Becca primer on to a friend.  After about a week, I started using the Cover FX illuminating primer instead.  The progress line is where I am at with it going into April.  I would also like to finish my Tarte lipstick in Plummy Rose this month.  I have very little left and it is my oldest lipstick so I would like to finish it up.

I am excited with my progress on some of these deluxe sized items and hope to have quite a few finished up this month.  I love watching these updates or reading about progress so let me know if you participate in Project Use It Up.


*Not a sponsored post.  All items were purchased by me.

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Pan That Palette 2017 - April Update

I can't believe it is April already!  I am definitely looking forward to some nice spring weather.  It is time to update you on where I am at with my Pan That Palette for the year.  As a reminder, I am continuing my Tarte Be Mattenificent palette that I started in 2016.  I am also adding in my Naked palette this year as well as other random shades.

This is where I started at the beginning of March.  I've had good dips going in my Tarte palette for awhile.  I am just working on expanding the pan in those shades.  The cream shade in the palette was finished in 2016 (the empty pan).

As for the blushes I chose to use during March, I am going to be decluttering the Bare Minerals bronzer/blush duo.  I don't get much color pay off from the blush and it isn't something that I am enjoying reaching for.  I do love the Maybelline blush and will keep that in my collection.

Here is where I am at for the beginning of April with the palettes.  I hit pan on Sin this month in my Naked palette so that was exciting.  I had been using it all over the lid for a few months now.

I am going to call the Coastal Scents eye shadow done.  I have depotted the cream shade and put it in a z-palette to use later.  I am scraping at the sides of the pink shade and these tiny pans are a pain to repress.  I got quite a bit of use out of it for it being a sample size and I am okay with calling it done.

I will continue to use my Tarte palette this month as my transition, liner, and brow bone shades.  I think I am going to change it up a bit and focus more on the brown and gold shades in the Naked palette this month.  I will use Buck and Half Baked for the majority of my looks and see where I get with those shades.

I am debating depotting a lot of the shades in my Naked palette that I will use and just getting rid of the rest.  I know there are colors I am not really a fan of and probably won't use.  I have so many other eye shadows to use that I don't feel the need to force myself to use every shade in this palette if I don't want to.  We will see if I convince myself to do it this month:)


*This post is not sponsored.  All products were purchased by me.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Lancome Don't Glow It Alone Box

I was super excited to have a box arrive from Influenster a few weeks ago.  The box included a variety of products from Lancome.  If you haven't heard of Influenster, it is free to sign up.  You can take surveys or do a variety of tasks on the website.  Sometimes, they will send you boxes of products to try out for free.  I have gotten a few boxes in the past, most recently Make Up For Ever lipsticks to try out.  These products were sent to me for free for testing purposes by Influenster.

There were four products in the box.  Teint Idole Ultra Makeup Stick, Teint Idole Ultra Wear camouflage, Click and Glow, and Le Metallique.

The Teint Idole Ultra Makeup Stick is a stick foundation.  I do like that is has some SPF in it as well. This foundation is light to medium coverage for me.  I really like how it applied, the coverage level, and it wore pretty well throughout the day.  I was sent the shade 140 Ivoire.  The shade is a bit dark for me (although I chose based upon other shades I wear at Sephora) but it will work once I get just a bit of color.  I can make it work now although the color is just a bit too different between my face and neck if I do.  I applied this to my face from the stick and then blended out with a brush.  I love the easy application and it blended well.  This foundation retails for $42.00 at Sephora.

I also received a concealer.  I have the shade 110 Ivoire.  This is too dark for my under eye area and there is only one shade lighter so I am not sure they have anything fair enough for me in this particular product.  However, it works for areas on my face.  A tiny bit goes a long way and I think this will work well when I have problem areas on my face that I need to conceal.  A full size is $31.00.

The next product is the Click and Glow Highlighting Skin Fluid.  This is the shade Lumieres Rosees. This product looks a lot more intense that it does when it blends out.  I find that once I blend it out, I almost get more of a color to my cheekbones than a shimmer.  It isn't a great color for me as it looks kind of muddy and grey once I blend it out.  I will continue to play with it though because it is a very pretty color to see if I can get it to work.  This product retails for $23.00.

The final product in the box was the Le Metallique Lip Laquer.  This shade is Mirrored Nude and it is definitely metallic.  I find it to be quite sticky as well.  I do love the shade and find it feels less sticky if I put it over a matte or other lip product with a dry formula.  I have been pairing it with the PBJ Smoothie Stick in Raisin the Roof that I received in a Birchbox awhile back.  It gives a very pretty pale lilac shade.  This retails for $22.00.

Swatches from top to bottom: Lip Laquer, Highlighter, Concealer, Foundation

Overall, I love the foundation stick and might look for a better shade match if they have one.  I think the stick is so easy to use and it was a good amount of coverage for me.  The concealer gives good coverage and does not wear off during the day so that is a win too.  I like the shade of the lip laquer and can make it work if I layer it with other products.  The only product I am on the fence about is the highlighter so I'll continue to play with it.


*These products were sent to me complimentary for review from Influenster.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Birchbox - March Box and February Reviews

My Birchbox for March came a few days ago and I wanted to share what I received this month.  As I have said in previous posts, my Birchbox subscription is coming to an end.  I believe April will be my last box.

Here is what came in my March box...

Tocca perfume in Emelia - full size $68
Daarvoor Replenish Jojoba Creme Treatment - full size $29
Dr. Jart+ Dermaclear Micro Water - full size $32
Kiel's Since 1851 Ultra Facial Cream - full size $27.50
Arrow Enhance Waterproof Eye Brightener - full size $16

I chose the Kiehls Ultra Facial Cream for sample choice this month.  I wasn't excited about any of the choices and didn't want to end up with something I'd totally hate.  I know this Kiehls cream doesn't irritate my skin so I chose it.
I absolutely love the Dr.Jart+ water.  I have had samples before so I am excited for that product.

Reviews from February...

I have to say that I haven't tried any of the products from February.  Yikes!  I didn't even realize until I went to write this post.  However, that is part of the reason why I cancelled this box.  I'm not excited enough by the products I am receiving to try them out right away.

I am excited for the Davines wash but I am saving it for when we go to our place in Michigan because I usually keep some travel size toiletries there.  I passed the lip product on to a friend who wears darker lip shades instead of trying it out and then having to throw it away.

I will update my thoughts on these product in my empties over the next few months.


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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Letting Go Vol. 2

I've accumulated some products that I am decluttering so I thought I would continue with another volume of Letting Go.  I started this series in January as a way to share products that I am getting rid of after trying them out, but they aren't empty.  I am not necessarily posting these every month, just once I gather a few to share.

1.  Pacifica sea foam complete face wash - This face wash breaks me out very badly.  I couldn't figure out why my skin kept breaking out last fall.  I was alternating between this product and other deluxe sized face washes.  My skin would be great for awhile then horrible for awhile.  I have mentioned before a woman on Instagram (@imalilcupcake) who posts a lot about her skincare and how she has helped clear up her skin.  She told me that she has a lot of problems with coconut products and to investigate the ingredients.  In my February haul, I talked a bit about using a website to look up acne triggers.  This face wash is pretty high on the acne triggers.  As soon as I stopped using it, my face cleared up and I haven't had many problems with breakouts since.

2.  Well People Bio Brightener in Moonstone - This is a sample from Birchbox of a highlighter.  The full size comes in stick form.  I am decluttering this product because it has just gotten too old.  I have been using it for almost 2 years, it is a cream product, and I am starting to see darker spots in it that weren't there before.  I do really like this product and it is almost gone but I know a more natural cream product won't last forever and it just needs to go.

3.  Ilia lipgloss in The Butterfly and I - This is also a more natural product that I have had for quite awhile.  The unfortunate part is that I just opened this in the fall when I was going through all my lip products.  But within a few weeks, it smelled bad and had accumulated little black dots inside the gloss that weren't there before.  So, unfortunately, this product was never really used.

4.  Cargo blush in Bali - I had this blush as one of my picks for February.  I found it to be very patchy and hard to blend.  I had tried other Cargo blushes and I liked them so I am assuming this one has just gotten old.  Or it might be the shade.  But I have a lot of blushes I prefer to fighting to make this one work.

5.  NYX lipstick in Thalia - This lipstick was the first product I bought on a Youtube recommendation and it was very many years ago.  I had it in a recent project but the coloring looks weird and it has gone bad.  I do really like the shade, although I'm not even sure they make it anymore.

6.  Hourglass powder in dim light - I posted about this powder on my Instagram.  I bought it in the smaller size at the VIB sale last year because everyone posts about how great these are.  I just returned this product to Sephora.  It pulls very pink on my skin and looks very unnatural.  This make me sad because I think they give a beautiful finish, but it just doesn't work for me.

As you can see, these products aren't all duds.  The lipstick and highlighter are both products I have loved and are almost gone, but went bad before I could finish them off.  This is another reason why I am working on panning and even giving away products I won't get to use.


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Friday, March 17, 2017

Finish 6 by Summer Intro

Happy St. Patrick's Day to you all!  Since I finished my last seasonal challenge/project pan at the end of February, I wanted to find a new challenge to join in.  Kristen Kay on Youtube was doing Finish 6 by Summer so I decided to join her in this project.  Some of these products are repeats from other projects that I am hoping to finally finish up.  The project will end around the 20th of June.

1.  Bare Minerals 5 in 1 cream shadow/base - This is a small deluxe size cream shadow.  I just finished by eye base and need a new one so I am going to work on this one.  I prefer pencil type products so I know I wouldn't reach for this if I don't put it in this project.  I have marked it but I haven't used it before so it is brand new even though the line is not at the top.

2.  Marc Jacobs Dot Perfume - This is a rollerball that I have been working on for awhile as you can see by all the lines.  It has been in my Project Use It Up each month but I haven't been very motivated to finish it.  I am hoping that I'll be more consistent with it if I put it in this project.

3.  Soap and Glory A Great Kisser lip balm - This is a carryover from Sweet on Project Panning.  I did use up quite a bit in the two months of that project so I am hoping to finish it during the next three months if I use it consistently.

4.  Maybelline Color Whisper in Lust for Blush - This is one of my oldest lipsticks so I want to work on finishing it before it goes bad.  My goal is to finish this product.

5.  NYX eye shadow in White Pearl - Another product I didn't finish during Sweet on Project Panning that I am hoping to finish during this project.  I will use this mainly as my eye shadow all over my lid and I might use it as a highlight if I am down to the wire and its not done:)

6.  Laura Gellar Baked Blush and Brighten in Tropic Hues - I worked on this blush last fall and thought I'd finish it and I didn't.  I have put it to the side over the last few months and I am hoping if I pull it out again, I can finish it off.  Sorry about my big ole thumb, but I wanted you to be able to see how flat it is to start out.

This is my list of products for this challenge.  I am trying to include where I am at and my goal for each one.  The bottom of the page will also be where I mark my progress for the Maybelline lipstick.

Would love to hear if you are joining in on this project or any seasonal challenges so I can check out your progress!


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Was It Worth It? - Thoughts on November's Purchases

I am really enjoying going back and reviewing purchases I made a few months back.  In addition, it keeps me on track when I see how many items I have or have not used since buying them.  It is time to let you know what I thought of the items I bought in November of 2016.  You can check out the haul post here.

Birchbox - I bought these few things to use up the last of my points.  I am currently using the Marcelle cleansing water (which I absolutely love) to remove makeup and eye makeup.  The Tea Tree Oil is something I use every day on problem areas of my face that tend to break out so I will always repurchase.  The Lip Lush was a free gift with purchase and I have yet to even open it.

Ulta Purchase - The hairbrush was for my daughter and she is loving this brush.  It makes brushing her hair much less painful.  I have finished the cotton rounds and loofah already.  The Hand Food was in my recent February empties.  So I am happy to say this was a very thoughtful purchase as these items are not still sitting around unused.

Sephora - I bought a few items during the VIB sale.  I love the Marc Jacobs gloss in Taboo and need to wear it more often.  I also purchased the Hourglass Ambient lighting powder in Dim Light.  I have really tried to make this work and I think I am going to return it.  It is way too pink for my skin tone and looks very unnatural.  I am very sad that it doesn't work since everyone loves these so much.  The rest of the items were samples and I have worked through quite a few of them during #foilfebruary.

Sephora - This was my Black Friday purchase.  I needed a replacement for my Beauty Blender and then I bought cotton rounds to get to the amount needed for the sample bag.  I am on my last set of these cotton rounds and just repurchased a bunch more.  I have been using the Sephora beauty sponge and it just isn't the same as the Beauty Blender.  It works okay but I wouldn't repurchase it and think the Beauty Blender is definitely worth the money compared to this one.

Sephora Black Friday freebies - Some of these samples I used during #foilfebruary and others I will continue to pull out and work through this year.  You can check out my Instagram (@lovetobebusyblog) for reviews of what I used during #foilfebruary.

Sephora Play Box -
I have finished the Caudalie Sorbet Moisturizer.  I really liked the consistency and it didn't break me out but I have a lot of skincare to use up before I'd consider purchasing a full size.
I also used the Stell McCartney Pop perfume and loved that too!  I might purchase a rollerball of the scent after I use up a few perfumes I have around.
I really liked the gloss, I just haven't used it much.  The other items, I haven't tried yet.

I am happy to see that I am doing better with using the items I purchase compared to when I started these reviews.  I think it also helps that I am more mindful of what I purchase and the timeframe in which I will use it.  I'm not purchasing items years before I might need them anymore.  I hope you are enjoying these reviews of the products as well.


*All opinions are my own.  All purchases were made by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

New to Me in February

Happy weekend to you all!  We have had a busy weekend of state gymnastics meet for my daughter, recovering from a time change, and much more!  We are also supposed to get 3-6 inches of snow starting tonight and possibly 6-9 inches!  It is too late in the season to be getting that much snow!

I do have a few purchases from February to share with you.  I even have a few splurges from this month instead of just necessities:)

Ulta Purchase #1:
These two items were necessities since I ran out of both hand cream and concealer for my face.  I picked up the Ahava Hand Cream (I adore this good!) and the Essence Say No to Imperfections concealer stick.

Ulta Purchase #2:
I am platinum at Ulta so I received a coupon for the Benefit Professional for the birthday gift and also a $10 off any purchase coupon.  With the $10 off, I splurged on the Tarte Don't Quit Your Day Dream palette (which I am loving) and I bought the NYX Stay Matte not Flat powder to try since I feel the powder I have been using is too dark for me.

Ulta Purchase #3:
I also received a coupon for 20% off everything including prestige brands (which doesn't happen too often at Ulta).  I am almost out of my current night serum and want to try something that might help some of my wrinkles (the one on my forehead seems to deepen daily lol).  I have loved the Juice Beauty products I've tried and wanted to try the serum in this kit.  Instead of paying over $70 for the serum, I figured I'd try them all out with the $50 kit.  The peel in the small jar was a free gift.

Ulta Purchase #3 cont.:
I have done a great job of cutting down on purchases in body and hair care in the past year.  I am actually on my last body wash so I bought this one to try out next.  I am hoping it helps with the texture and breakouts I get on my body (especially when I'm consistently sweating during workouts). I also bought a hand cream to get to free shipping since the Ahava one I bought at the beginning of the month was not a very large size.  The other two items were free samples.

Julep Maven Box:
I am loving the Julep box.  One of my favorite parts is that you can customize it to include different products or swap out products each month.  If you follow me on Instagram (@lovetobebusyblog) you saw the nail shade on the left which is a deep blue.  I also posted this eyeliner as one of my favorites during February.  This box comes at the very beginning of each month so I have gotten a lot of use out of the eyeliner since it arrived.  I also love that you can skip a month with this service.  I haven't gotten a chance to use all of the colors I've received in the past few months so I may skip the April box.

Sephora Play Box:
This was a pretty good box this month.  I've already used the Nars Velvet Lip Glide and really like it! I also tried the Too Faced lip gloss and have had to declutter it.  I can't do the plumping feeling that the product has.  It makes my lips actually hurt.  I love the eye cream from Origins and will definitely try out the mascara.  I have a larger size of the Clinique item that I have yet to try out too.  I am on the fence about this product and here is why...
I was having a lot of issues with my skin for awhile.  I had a lot of breakouts and many of them were large and just kept recurring.  If you follow @imalilcupcake on Instagram, you know that she is very careful with her skincare so I sought out her advice.  She recommended a website that lists acne triggers for many products.  So, I have been checking out all of my products.  If I start using something and it breaks me out, I immediately check out the triggers.  It has stayed pretty consistent that anything with an acne trigger number of 3 or higher makes me break out.  This moisturizer has acne triggers at a 5.  So I am very hesitant to try it out.  I'll keep you posted.

During the month of February, I took in 23 items (through purchases and samples).  I spent $94.51 which is my highest amount in quite a few months.  Overall for the year I have spent $105.09.  This does not include Birchbox, Sephora Play, Julep Box because they are all prepaid.  It also does not include what I purchase with gift cards from other people.  What fun new items have you purchased to try lately?


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.