Friday, December 2, 2016

November Beauty Empties

I can not believe we are into December and another year is almost over!  Not to mention, I have a lot to do before the holidays roll around.  In November, I got an itch to declutter.  And by declutter, I mean everything in my life:)  It is still going and I am struggling with feeling like I really don't want things and wondering if I will miss them down the road.  I'd also like to be replacing items with ones I know I will love more but I also know this takes time and money and needs to be a process.  This isn't the case in all areas, but definitely some.

What this leads me to is decluttering makeup items.  I decluttered 40 items in November from my beauty products.  Some were hair products and skincare that I had received in various boxes and said I would use, but in all honesty, were not right for my hair type or skin type.  I also did a huge lip product declutter and weeded out all the old products and ones that I had bought, tried, and weren't really right for me but I had held on to them anyways.

This is just a portion of what I got rid of.  Some are lipsticks while some are mascaras that I had tried and really didn't like.  I also have perfume samples that I tried and just didn't like the scent and didn't want to use them every day.

Now on to the actual empties...

These are all deluxe face wash empties that I used up.  I don't think I'd purchase a full size of any of them except maybe the Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser.  The others were the Ole Henriksen african red tea foaming cleanser which I liked but not enough to pay the higher price for it, and the Ulta Pore Minimizing and Clarisonic cleansers.

More skincare:
Marcelle gentle makeup remover - I love this eye makeup remover.  I have gone through a few of these.  I have been using my cleansing waters as eye makeup removers lately but I would repurchase this one.
Murad advanced active radiance serum - I didn't notice that this did anything for my skin.  I have other vitamin C serums and brightening serums I prefer.
Murad Intensive-C radiance peel - Again, I didn't notice any difference when I used this product so I wouldn't purchase it.
Malin and Goetz clarifying clay mask - This was too gritty and irritated my skin when I had to rinse it off.

Bodycare and Haircare:
Ulta beauty smoothie in creamy cocolada - I use these beauty smoothies to shave and you can usually find a really good deal on them.  I have another scent going in my shower now.
Shea Moisture olive and green tea body wash - I really liked this body wash.  It lathered well and I enjoyed the subtle scent.  I would repurchase or try other scents from this brand.
Living Proof perfect hair day dry shampoo - I really liked this dry shampoo and I would definitely purchase a full size, although I'd like to try Batiste first since I've never tried it.
Aveeno lotion - I kept this small size in my purse.  It was okay.  I liked that it didn't get too greasy for applying during the day.
Gioje protein hair mask - I was not a huge fan of this.  It didn't hurt my hair but I also didn't notice that it did a whole lot for it.  And it has a very strong smell which lasted throughout the day which I wasn't a fan of.

Tarte lights camera lashes mascara - This is one of my very favorite mascaras.  It gives me great volume and I will repurchase.
NYX pencil in nude - I bought this a very long time ago to use in my waterline.  I have since learned that my sensitive eyes can not handle any liner on my waterline.  So I used it up by using it as base for eyeshadow.  I have no reason to repurchase but it was a good nude liner if you need one.
Smashbox Photo finish lid primer - I didn't like this primer very much.  It seemed very dry and didn't blend out well.
Tarte smooth operator amazonian clay finishing powder - I really like this powder, although I'd prefer a pressed version in the future.  I had a little sample I poured into the bigger container and used them both up.  I'd repurchase in the future.

Sephora cotton rounds - My favorites...I just stocked up during the sale in November.
Ulta cotton pads - I usually just pick these up if it gets me to a shipping amount or for a coupon.  I feel like they shed and get cotton in my eyes more than others.
Algenist lip renewal balm - I bought this because it came in a kit with their eye cream I wanted to try.  I wouldn't purchase it plus it had a very gritty texture that was weird.
Philosophy Pure Grace perfume - This was the oldest perfume in my collection so I'm glad to have used it up before it went bad.  I love this smell and would repurchase but there are other scents I want to try.

For November, I used up 26 products (8 full size, 12 deluxe, 6 samples).  I also decluttered 40 for a total of 66.  My year to date total is 288 used products.

I purchased 23 products at a cost of $63.  I'll show those to you in my next post, my November Haul. I am going into December with 356 products in my collection (roughly...won't be totally accurate until I do my inventory this month), down from 399 at the beginning of November.


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased by me.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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