Saturday, December 31, 2016

My Beauty Notebook for 2017

Happy New Year's Eve!  Sorry for the longer than normal absence from the blog but we've had a crazy few weeks with sickness, a car accident (everyone is okay:) and the holidays.  I had intended to this post earlier, right after my goals, so that you could have to prepare if you chose to do some type of notebook.  But I thought I would still share mine as it is always a work in progress and may change throughout the year anyways.  This year, I took some ideas that I saw Curious Sparkles share on her Youtube channel when she shared her notebook.  I liked that she includes everything one notebook. I always had extra pieces of paper floating around from Project Use It Up or seasonal challenges.  Now I have a place to keep it all together.

This is the cover of the notebook I will use for this year.  I made sure to choose one that will have plenty of pages to get me through the whole year.  The page flags across the top are from the dollar section at Target.

The first section in the notebook are my goals and some of my trackers I will use during the year.  I shared that section of my notebook in my goals post a few weeks ago which you can find here.

Next there is a tab for each month.  I gave each month four pages.  The first page of each monthly section will have my Project Use It Up goals and products to focus on for the month.

The next page in the monthly section is where I have an overview page of my empties and purchases.  I tally all my empties and keep my running totals on this page.

Page #3 in the monthly section is where I list my purchases.  This helps me keep track of how much I am buying and what it costs.  It also gives me an idea of how old a product is.

The final page in the monthly section is where I list out all my empties.  I number them, write whether it is full, deluxe, or sample sized, and what the product is.  If it is a declutter, I make a note of that too (as opposed to it being an empty product).

After the 12 monthly tabs, I have a tab for projects.  This will be where I list and track any seasonal challenges or project pans I decide to do for the year.

At the very back of the notebook, I have listed all my nail polishes.  I do like to paint my nails but I am also pretty good about not going overboard with buying nail polish.  I decluttered a lot of shades during this year that were colors I didn't like, too old, or I didn't like the formula.  I know I fell short on those updates but  you can see from the list what I have left at the top of the page from that declutter.  The middle of the page are the polishes I got at the beginning of the year from gifts and a Zoya sale.  I recently subscribed to the Julep box for six months as part of my Christmas gift.  I got a bonus gift of some mini polishes which are listed at the bottom.  I really love the Julep formula and I am excited to have these polishes coming to me over the next few months.

I have recently finished my inventory so it is ready to go for 2017.  I keep the rest of my inventory in a separate notebook.  I list out every single product which I cross off as I finish it.  In the future, I may look for a notebook that has enough pages to combine them into one.  But I used what I had around the house for now to get some use out of all my notebooks.

I am working on my products for Use It Up and then I will get that posted, hopefully tomorrow.  I will also be sharing more about my Pan That Palette for the year in the next few days.  I have a lot to catch up on that I had planned to already have posted but I will try not to bombard you all this week:)


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