Wednesday, October 5, 2016

September Beauty Empties

I'm back!  We were without internet for about 10 days and I had so many posts planned during that time.  I ended up posting my Crossing 6 off our Christmas List project pan and my October Project Use It Up goals on my Instagram.  I had thought I would get to the blog posts but with the internet being down for so long, I'm just going to stick with Instagram for those things and start here on the blog with my September empties.

Body Empties:
Suave Naturals everlasting sunshine lotion - These 18 oz. lotions last me about 6 months which is a pretty good deal for the price.  I liked the scent of this lotion but I can't seem to find it online anymore so it must be discontinued (they do have other scents in this formula).  This was good in the summer but it isn't moisturizing enough for me for the winter months.

Clinique Happy body cream - This was okay.  I just used it up because it was a little deluxe size I knew I could move out quickly.  I do like the scent of Happy but I wouldn't buy a body cream because I find them too fragranced.

Bath and Body Works nourishing hand cream in Merry Cookie - I received this last year at the holidays as a gift and I really liked it.  I don't buy BBW products often because I rarely go to the mall and I have lots of options at Ulta or Target which are closer.  I really liked the formula of this hand cream though and would consider purchasing it (maybe I'll try online if there is free shipping or something).

Hair Empties:
Kiehls Nourishing Olive Fruit Oil Shampoo - I bought this travel size for a trip back in the spring.  It makes my hair way too greasy.  I could only use it when I knew I would be washing my hair the next day because I definitely couldn't go a few days if I used this.  I wouldn't repurchase since it isn't right for my hair type.

Garnier Fructis conditioner - This was fine, nothing special.  Another deluxe sized out of my collection.

BB Don't Blow It - This came in a Sephora play box and I really liked it.  It was perfect for the summer months when I was letting my hair air dry a lot.  It helped keep my hair from getting frizzy as it air dried.  I have a lot of hair products to use up but this would be something I'd recommend purchasing.

Skincare Empties:
100% Pure coffee bean caffeine eye cream - I liked this eye cream.  It seemed to depuff and brighten my eye area a bit.  And it is more natural than the Origins eye cream which is almost glittery to me.  This tube (which I thought was full size but it isn't) also lasted me quite awhile.  I'm using a different eye cream now but I might consider purchasing a full size of this next.

Algenist Genius Ultimate Anti-aging vitamin c serum - There were quite a few uses in this 100 pt perk from Sephora which was nice.  I didn't notice any different in my skin from using this serum, especially when the full size is over $100!  I also thought it had a weird smell.  Not a serum I would purchase.

Klorane floral water makeup remover - I really liked this makeup remover.  It took off my face makeup and I could also use it to remove eye makeup without any irritation to my eye area.  I have some other removers I need to use but I did like this one and would purchase it again.

Other Empties:
Sephora cotton rounds - You guys know these are my favorite!

Chapstick - I have a ton of different kinds of chapsticks and lip balms that I am trying to work through.  I bought a bunch of these one time when they were $1.00.  They work fine for me unless my lips are super chapped.

Acure coconut and organ oil cleansing towelettes - So I just read the directions before I gave my review in case I had made an incorrect assumption about these wipes.  These did nothing for me.  They were dry, small, and didn't remove any of my makeup.  However, the directions do say for makeup removal (I just checked:).  I wouldn't buy this particular one or recommend them.

Miss Charming from Juliette Has a Gun - I loved the Not a Perfume from this brand so I bought a sampler from Sephora awhile back.  This sample was way too strong and too floral for me.

For the month of September I used 24 products (6 full size, 11 deluxe, and 7 samples).

My total used was $72.13.

I purchased 30 products at a cost of $93.00.  I purchased a Becca concealer and Mario Badescu toner I will be using soon when the items I'm currently using run out.  I also purchased the Lorac Mega Pro 3 because the shades were just so beautiful!  The rest of the products were beauty boxes or samples that I don't count in my monetary total.

I have finished 197 products for the year with a total value of $927.04.

Sorry for the delay in putting up posts but I should be back more often now that I have internet again.


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