Monday, March 7, 2016

Finish 5 by Cinco de Mayo Update #1

A few days late with this post but I am happy with the progress I am making on this project.  I started Finish 5 by Cinco de Mayo in the middle of February.  It hasn't been a full month since I started the project but I want to update around the 5th of March and April so I can post my finale at the beginning of May.

I started the project with six products because the foundation is a bonus item.  You can see my intro to the project here.  I'd like to finish 5 of the products but I think I can probably finish all six with how my progress is going.

1.  Foundation - This was a mix of the Neutrogena I had left and Garnier BB cream.  It is too dark for me so I have been mixing it with my It Cosmetics CC cream which is too light and it has been working out well.  I am using it almost every morning and have made good progress.
2.  Stila lip balm in Gabrielle - I use this lipstick every morning and I am trying to reapply at least one other time throughout the day.  I think I'll finish this since I still have two months to go.
3.  Stila lip glaze in Sugar Plum - I am happy with the progress I have made in less than a month.  It might be close trying to finish this:)

4.  Elf blush in Mellow Mauve - I have repressed this already and have very little left.  I am hoping to have this finish by the next update.
5.  Laneige Water Sleeping Mask - I am trying to use this mask once a week but I still have a few uses left.  I am hoping to finish this by the next update also.
6.  Coastal Scents eye shadow - I ended up depotting this from the packaging it was in and putting those shades in a z-palette with some other shadows.  It is hard to tell progress because it is a darker shade but I am using it every day.  This might be another product that will be hard to finish in the next two months, but I will try!

Let me know if you are doing any seasonal challenges!  They are so fun to check out and follow!


*All opinions are my own.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.  All products were purchased by me.

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