Saturday, January 16, 2016

Love to Project Pan: Finish 14 by February 14th Update #3

Time for an update on my Finish 14 by February 14th project.  This was started by Kristen Kay and Glamour with Grace on Youtube and there are lots of updates happening on Youtube, blogs, and Instagram for this challenge so check them out!  I know this post is a few days late but I did mark the products on the 14th.  It has been too dark and dreary after work to get very good pictures so I waited a few days for the post.

Since my December update I have finished the Acure cell stimulating facial mask.  You will see this product in my January empties so watch for my review there.  

I have finished two products:
1.  Tarte poreless primer
2.  Acure cell stimulating facial mask

Here is what I am still working on...

3.  Coastal Scents Revealed sampler in Ballerina - I have repressed the bottom left shade and it is almost finished.  It is hard to reach the corners in these tiny pans so I might have one or two more uses before I call this done.  I have a good amount of pan in the top left and a good dip and hope to hit pan soon on the top right shade.  I haven't used the bottom right shade much so I am trying to add it in to more looks to hopefully at least hit pan in the next month.
4.  NYX eye shadow in white pearl - I use this every day over my base before I apply other shadows. I have a good dip but the front of the pan is still virtually untouched.  I don't anticipate finishing this in the next month but I will have a good portion finished up by then.
5.  NYX nude pencil - I am using this as my eye base and have been making very steady progress.  I'll show the progress paper at the end of the post.
6.  Jouer pencil in gris - I am using this daily since finishing my other project on January 1st but it won't be finished.  I shouldn't have put in two eye pencils in overlapping projects because it made them harder to finish.  I'm not a fan of this color, it looks to blue when I apply it.  I am using the darkest shade in the quad over it to change the color some.

7.  Laneige water sleeping mask - Since finishing the Acure mask, I am using this mask once a week at night.  I will be cutting it close to finish it by the end of the project.  
8.  Benefit Fake Up - I am trying to use this on the weekends and I am making some progress.  This is not enough coverage for my very dark circles and it does not last long enough for me to wear on a daily basis.  I thought this product would be super easy to finish but you don't need very much so it goes a long way.
9.  Vapour cream blush in courtesan - I am using this daily and when I got to mark progress it shows none.  So frustrating!  But I am using it every day.  At this point, I'm just hoping to finish this by the end of the year:)
10.  Elf blush in mellow mauve - I have a lot of pan showing on this now so that's exciting!  I am working on the bottom right corner where the product is the thickest.  However, it is hard to get much product with my brush so I will likely repress this one soon.

11.  Smashbox gloss in forever - I have finally made some good progress on this.  I put it in hot water and let all the gloss settle to the bottom to mark it.  This is a very light shade so I keep it in the bathroom and swipe it on whenever I am home instead of a chapstick.  Finishing this will be close!
12.  Stila lip glaze in super plum - There is very slow but steady progress on this product.  It is more pigmented so I don't need very much when I apply it.
13.  Tarte energy lip crayon - I think I've used this once.
14.  NYX lipstick in Thalia - I marked this on my sheet the other day and now I can't find it.  I'm hoping it is in the bottom of my purse or I mixed it back in with other lip products that aren't in a project.  You will see the progress on the paper in the next picture.

Here is the paper I am marking my progress on for the items.  I made the picture a little bigger so hopefully it is easier to see.  As you can see, I have pretty steady progress on the NYX and Jouer pencils, the FakeUp and the NYX Thalia.  The Vapour shows no progress even though I use it daily and I haven't used the Tarte pencil to show any progress.

Hope your seasonal challenges are going well!  Let me know so I can follow along!

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated for this post.

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  1. Hi :) I really enjoyed reading your blogpost on the challenge I am also doing. You have some really awesome progress!!