Sunday, January 3, 2016

Beauty Empties - December

2016 is underway and we head back to school and work tomorrow.  I'm not sure I'm ready for real life again:)  I can't things off until the next day, knowing I'll be home to do them.  On that note, trying to get some things organized and cleaned up this weekend.  That includes getting rid of my beauty trash from December!

One of my best buddies on Instagram (@beautyempties) started a hashtag for last called #364daysofempties with the goal to hit 365 empties.  In an effort to make 365, I worked during December on finishing up deluxe and sample sizes.  I ended up with 354 empties for the year...still pretty good in my opinion.  During December, I posted samples and deluxe sizes as I finished them on my Instagram account (@lovetobebusyblog) so check those out too!

These were the deluxe sized empties I finished up on the last few days of the month so I thought I'd include them here.
Vitabath cucumber and white tea body wash - I really loved the scent of this body wash.  I also liked the consistency.  Once I use up my body washes, I will be purchasing this brand.
Dr. Jart+ Ceramidin cream - This moisturizer has big claims and I didn't notice anything special for the price tag.  I liked the Air Repair moisturizer I used at night and will purchase that over this one.
Jouer matte moisture tint sunscreen - I really liked this product.  The shade was too dark for me (I had it in nude) but it wore nicely and wasn't greasy even with the sunscreen.  I would definitely buy this product.

Triple Lanolin hand and body lotion - This was part of my finish 9 by New Years and a project pan before that.  It last me a long time and I did love how it moisturized by hands.  I used it at night because it was a bit greasy for daytime for me.  I got this as a gift so I'm not sure where to repurchase but I have plenty of hand creams right now anyways.
BBW cashmere glow body lotion - I really liked this scent and this body lotions moisturize enough for me until it gets super cold and dry.  At that point, I usually switch to something thicker.  I have a lot of lotions to finish before I'd ever repurchase.  I don't often buy BBW lotions because Ulta and Target are much more convenient for me and have good options.

Sephora cotton rounds - These are my absolute favorite.  I bought a few sets with orders on Black Friday and the beginning of December.
Up and Up cotton rounds - These are my second choice for cotton rounds.  I usually buy these since I'm at Target often.
Vasanti Brighten Up - I really loved this exfoliator until I found the Michael Todd charcoal one.  This is still good and exfoliates well without being too harsh.  I do follow up with a gentle cleanser because I feel like there is a bit of a residue.  Otherwise its a great product.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin makeup in buff 30- I have a tendency of buying foundations too dark and this one was too dark.  I made it work to finish off the last little bit in this bottle.  I like the feeling and coverage of this foundation although I'm not sure it is the best for oily skin.  Lots of foundations I want to try out there so I won't repurchase this one any time soon.
Cargo HD picture perfect eyeshadow primer - This primer worked well for me.  I always put some other type of base under eyeshadow so my eye primer doesn't have to be magical.  I don't think this would be one I'd go out of my way to repurchase.
Maybelline FitMe concealer in light - I really like this concealer.  I am very impressed with the coverage and how it blends for the price.  I'd pick the fair shade over the light again but I'd definitely purchase this one.
Pixi shea butter lip balm - Nothing impressive.  I kept it on my desk at work because I could swipe it on without a mirror and get a tiny bit of color and it moisturized okay.  I wouldn't purchase it (this one came in a Birchbox).
Stila lip glaze in star fruit - I like these but they get a bit messy because I usually twist up too much product.  This was a neutral pink that gave me just a tiny bit of color.  I won't be purchasing any lip products for a long time (well, that is my goal anyways...we will see).  I do have a few others of these to use up in my stash.

Perfume samples - I am horrible at describing scents so I'm just going to tell you yes or no:
Atelier cologne Santal Carmin - No, felt like I smelled like food.
Escada Joyful - No, too floral for me.
Replica Lazy Sunday Morning - is strong and you only need a bit but I did like this scent.

December Totals:
Full size - 8
Deluxe - 22
Samples - 43
Total - 73
Total cost used:  $179.36

I used 354 products this year for a total of $1471.16.  I am very happy with what I accomplished and I hope to see lots of progress this year too.  I have already started some seasonal projects and Project Use It Up in hopes to see some empties very soon!


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