Saturday, December 12, 2015

Project Use It Up 2016 Introduction

After watching a bunch of Project Use It Up videos on Youtube every month, I have decided to set some goals for a Project Use It Up for 2016.  I really love watching these videos and the idea of manageable goals to keep me on track to use it products.  This year my goals have been 365 empties (I'm getting close...stay tuned for the end of the year to see if I make it) and a budget of $1 for each empty.  I totally blew the budget idea although I have been working on using products up.  I will talk about my budget idea for 2016 at the end of the post.

I have made a list of some goals for 2016.  Not having done this before, I wanted to make sure I started with something I felt was attainable and not create goals to the point where I was overwhelmed.

I am bad at using up masks so I want to try to use one at least twice a month whether it is a sample pack or a larger size.
I would like to use at least one perfume sample a month.  I tend to collect them instead of use them.  If I can finish more than 1, that would be even better.
Finish 3 lotions, 10 lip products, and 5 eye shadows are goals for the whole year but will ensure that I focus on products to finish instead of jumping between items all year.
I would like to finish 3 nail polishes.  I will talk more about that in a minute.
Each month, I get samples from Birchbox and then I collect them during the year with orders.  I want to work on using the samples throughout the year so I am going to work on finishing 2 deluxe samples and at least 1 foil packet each month.  Hopefully this will keep my sample stash from overflowing all year.
The yearly goals have boxes next to them so I can keep track of how many I finish.

This will be the way I keep track of my goals each month.  I have put the monthly goals such as "use a mask two times during the month" on the post it with boxes to keep track.  As I decide specific products I want to finish, such as a skincare or body care item, I will include that on the post it for that month as well.  I am going to add finish my Mario Badescu Serum and Ponds Night Cream to January on a separate post it note to remind me.  I keep these post it notes on the inside of my bathroom cabinet as a reminder.

I also have a nail polish project planned.  I have decluttered a lot of shades that I just do not like this year.  I have 20 polishes left but some of these I have never used or used so long ago that I don't remember how the formula applied, if it lasted on my nails, or if I even liked the color.  I am going to use each color at least once and decide if it is worth keeping.  I have been having luck lately with polishes lasting a week on me with minimal chipping.  I am unsure whether it is the base and top coat I have been using or the formula of the polishes I chose.  My goal is to find colors and formulas that I am happy with.  I may not get rid of any of the polishes or I may toss some but buy others in a formula that works for me.  So, the number of polishes may not change much.  I will keep you posted on this project as well next year.

Finally, my thoughts on my beauty budget.  I will share what I am thinking for next year although I will say it is subject to change:)
1.  I will give myself a budget of $25.00 a month.  This is $300 for the year which is definitely saving money for me when it comes to what I spend on beauty products.  Whatever I do not use in a month will roll over to the next month.  This will allow me to save up for a more expensive item.  The budget will be for items that are not considered a necessity such as eye shadow or lip products since I have a lot to use up.
2.  It will not count towards my beauty budget if I purchase a product that I do not have a backup of.  For instance, I have a lot of face wash right now.  If I finally use them all up, it will not count towards my budget to buy a new one.
3.  Gift cards and Birchbox will not count towards my beauty budget.
4.  Hubby's items will not count towards the beauty budget (he likes the Art of Shaving line and I usually buy it at Ulta because it helps me get to platinum status pretty quickly).

As we near 2016, these are my current thoughts and goals for next year.  If you have any thoughts for me, please leave them in the comments.  I love to hear your feedback.  I plan to update monthly on how I am progressing and what I am focusing on for Project Use It Up for the month.


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