Saturday, November 28, 2015

12 Empties of Christmas Update #7

It is time again to update you on my progress for 12 Empties of Christmas.  I can't believe that Christmas seemed so far away when I started this project and now it is less than a month away!  I finished a few shadows in my palette since last update.

Update #6 can be found here.

I have marked the Exuviance face wash and I can't see through the Garnier to mark it but I'm guessing I have about 2/3 left.  The Exuviance bottle gets skinnier but I still don't picture myself finishing it in a month.

These products are hard to mark as well because I can't see through them.  I use the Mario Badescu serum and Ponds face cream every night.  I try to use one of the peel pads each weekend.

The foundation pump bottle is a mix of the Neutrogena foundation in this project and Garnier BB cream in another project.  I might be able to finish the Neutrogena foundation in the next month.  I am finally feeling like I have made some progress on the bronzer and I'm making steady progress on the perfume.  I use the lip balm each morning before I put on makeup but it isn't enough to be making a big dent in it.

I finished off 2 more shadows since my last update.  I finished Stand-offish and Seductive in the past month.  I have also made a good dip in Sultry and have a bit more pan in Sexy.  I have started using a bit of Selfish (the grey shade) each day.  I don't need a lot but it is a chunky mess so it might go quickly.

I know I won't finish most of the products currently in this project.  When I started in May, I felt like Christmas was so far away that I didn't focus on a lot of the products until it was too late to really get them finished.  I am happy that I am continuing to use up products and making progress even if I'm not necessarily finishing them in time for this project.

How are you doing with your seasonal challenges?  Let me know!


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.


  1. I had the same issue as you. I think we started around the same time and Christmas seemed so far away, now its practically here!

    1. I don't know where this year has gone! So crazy that it is almost over. Thank you for reading!:)