Saturday, October 3, 2015

September Beauty Empties

Fall has definitely arrived here.  It is barely 50 today and super windy.  I might need to break out the boots and a jacket for dinner tonight!  I love fall but I'm not sure where the sunny 50 and 60s went.  I'd be happy with those:)

It is time for September empties!  During the month of September, I took part in a challenge called #samplesept.  I started the challenge on Instagram and had quite a few of my IG friends join in which was super fun.  My goal was to focus on using up my foil packet samples during the month.  I posted about those on IG so I won't be posting reviews of all of them here but I will be including them in my totals at the end of the post.

Project Pan Empties:  These products are part of my Finish 9 by New Years project I started on September 1st.  They are both carry overs from my project 20 pan that I didn't finish which is why I finished them so quickly.  Although, I honestly thought they would both be holding on a lot longer than they did.

ELF high definition undereye setting powder - I picked this up for under my eyes (hence the name:) after seeing lots of people talk about it on Youtube.  It worked okay for setting purposes but I did not like the glitter in it.  It was very noticeable on me and I wasn't a fan.  I'm trying out other setting powders and will not repurchase.
NYX blush in Dusty Rose - I loved the shade and formula of this blush.  However, I have so many blushes that I already own and other blushes that I want to try that I won't repurchase it.

Body Care Empties:
Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion -  I kept this lotion next to my kitchen sink and used it on my hands after I washed dishes or if they were dry during the day.  I really like this lotion because it isn't greasy and I can do other things around the house without my hands being gross.  I had two of them so I have put a back up next to my sink.  I'd repurchase this lotion at some point, especially for my hands.
Palmer's Cocoa butter formula lotion - This was very thick and hard to get out of the bottle.  It definitely smelled like cocoa butter and the scent was very strong to me.  I'd keep thinking I was smelling chocolate and realize it was me.  Not good.  So I wouldn't purchase this product.
Ulta Passionberry vanilla body lotion - I liked the scent of this lotion and would purchase other Ulta products in this scent.  This lotion was okay for summer but would not be moisturizing enough for me in the winter.  I have a lot of lotions to finish before I ever need to buy one but I do like this scent and may pick up a shower gel or hand lotion when I need those.
BBW Pink Sugarplum shower gel -   This had been laying around half used up for quite awhile so I went ahead and finished it.  The scent is too sweet for me and isn't one I would repurchase.
Air Repair Rescue Balm - This is a Holy Grail product for me!  I put this on my cuticles every night.  I haven't repurchased yet and I notice how much dryer my cuticles seem and they are peeling a lot more.  I definitely need to purchase this ASAP!

Skincare Empties:
Clear Pore Oil eliminating astringent -   This product works great at controlling breakouts but may be more harsh than my skin really needs.  I'm trying out some other products and I doubt I will go back to this one anymore.
Ulta exfoliating cotton pads - These shed like crazy!  I won't buy these again.  I was always getting fuzz in my eyes and my contacts.
The Body Shop tea tree oil -   I've started using this in my areas that are prone to breakout along with my current toner.  It seems to be working to keep breakouts at bay.  I have already repurchased.

Makeup Empties:
Cover Girl ready set gorgeous foundation - Again, I fell prey to the youtube hype.  This just didn't work well for me.  It made me oily in areas and didn't stay put as long as I'd like.  I won't repurchase and will continue my hunt for my perfect foundation.
Smashbox camera ready bb cream - I got this as a Sephora sample with purchase because I really wanted to try and it and I could pick the shade.  Then, instead of the fair/light shade I picked, I got light/medium.  It was too dark for me.  However, in the summer months, the cover girl became too light so I ended up mixing the two products and the shade worked out alright.  If I could get a sample in my actual shade, I would like to try this product again.
Maybelline color tattoo in barely branded -  This was another product I had been trying to use up for a long time so I am glad to say it is finished.  It was okay as a base but I think I would prefer a pencil form.  I have many pencils that I will be using up before I purchase any sort of eye base again, though.

I don't have many full size or even deluxe sized empties this time since many products were put on hold while I used up my sample stash.  I am so excited about all the full size makeup products I was able to finish this month though!

My September totals:
I used up 79 products!!!! (8 full size, 4 deluxe size, 7 were decluttered (wrong shade or formula for me) and I used up 60 samples)
I added 42 products - a gift with purchase from Ulta was a lot of deluxe sizes and samples and I got a 10 piece mystery bag from Bare Minerals.  It was well worth the $30 and I am so glad I went ahead and got it but those added quite a few products this month.  My purchases this month were $66.  Total for the year is $400.43.

Start September - 319
Total Used - 79
Total Added - 42
Start October - 282 - so glad to be under 300!

So far this year I have had to trash $174.21 in products - mostly due to expiration, bad smell, etc.
I have used up $1,106.75 in products!!!  I have used a total of 246 products in 2015.  I am still hoping to hit 365!

Are you trying to use up products?  How is it going?


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.


  1. Go rockstar! I'm so proud of you and I enjoyed the challenge. You helped me get rid of so many samples that had been laying around.

    1. Yay! I'm glad you felt it was helpful!