Sunday, August 30, 2015

Project 20 Pan Finale/Finish 9 by New Years Intro

This is my final post of my Project 20 Pan.  I started the Project 20 Pan on May 1st with the goal of using up 20 products.  I didn't quite make my goal but I did make good progress on many of my products and finished some up as well.  I am posting this a few days early since I have some time this weekend.

You can check out the previous posts here:
Project 20 Pan Intro
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I did not finish any products at the June Update #1.  At the July Update #2 I had finished 3 products.

At the August Update #3 I finished 5 more products for a total of 8.

As of this finale, I have finished 4 more products for a total of 12.  I am counting 2 additional products as empties (I'll explain further down).  This makes my total 14.

During August I finished the Michael Todd Pumpkin Mask, Bath and Body Works body mist in Oahu Sunset, Bee Kind body lotion, and Sugar lip balm in honey.

What I have left:

The mark on the Garnier BB cream is not accurate.  That was my guess on a starting point but I can't see through it.  I mixed this with another foundation to get a better color and I'll be using those this fall now that my tan is fading.
I use the hand lotion every night and have made consistent progress.  The same goes for the Vasanti scrub.  I use it a few times a week in the shower and continue to make progress.

I am continuing to work on all these products as well.  I am considering the Sugar balm in petal one of my empties because it goes very quickly and will be done by Tuesday when my actual end date of September 1st is.  I repressed the blush this weekend so I no longer have pan showing but I have very little product in it and I'm hoping it will be gone soon!  I took the sifter out of the Elf powder because it was getting hard to get any product to come out.

This is what is left of my deluxe lotions.  I started with 8 so I made good progress.  I am almost done with the Ulta lotion.  I am considering the Bliss Body Butter another one of my empties because it has about one use left in it so that will be gone by tonight.  I will use the Palmer's up after I finish the Ulta lotion.

Here is my progress marks for the lip products and eye liners.  I used up the Sugar Honey.  The rest you can see I made progress on except for the Jouer eyeliner since I never used it and was focusing on the Stila one first.

With the exception of the deluxe sized lotions which will be done soon, I have 9 products left from this project.  I am going to roll those 9 products into Finish 9 by New Years which was started by MrsHunt2013 on Youtube/Instagram.

Finish 9 by New Years Products:
1.  Garnier BB Cream
2.  NYX blush in Dusty Rose
3.  ELF HD undereye setting powder
4.  Jouer eyeliner in chocolat
5.  Stila eyeliner in amethyst
6.  Lanolin hand cream
7.  Stila lip balm in Gabrielle
8.  Clarins eye concentrate
9.  Vasanti scrub

I'm feeling pretty confident about finishing these 9 by the end of the year.  I will use the above pictures as my starting point for the project and will update around the 1st of the month as I did with my project pan.  Thanks for following along with my progress!

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

12 Empties of Christmas Update #4

Second week of school and life has gotten busy.  I forgot what it is like cram everything at home into a few hours at night:)  However, going back to work means wearing makeup more regularly so hopefully I'll see some good progress this fall on my projects.

This is the fourth update for 12 Empties of Christmas.  I started the project in May with a total of 17 actual items (a few were deluxe sizes so I counted 2 as 1 product).  I also included all of my face washes as one item even though they were full size because I wanted to focus on using them up.

I'm excited to say I finally finished one of the products!

I included this in my July empties post because I finished between my update July 25th and the end of the month.  I like this moisturizer and it would be a possible future purchase.  It was a deluxe sample from Birchbox.

For the rest of the items:
I finished 3 shadows in my Nudetude palette that I've been panning this year.  I will be continuing to work on Seductive and Sexy.  I'm now using Stand-offish and Sultry in my current look to start working on those.  I may try to throw selfish in some also.

These next items are ones I am using every day (or week for the peel pads) but you can't really mark the progress on them.  Trust me, I'm using them:)

These next face products I've been using every day.  The Loreal Cream and both Neutrogena face washes were full when I started.  I'll finish the moisturizer, astringent and one face wash in the next few days.  I marked progress on the left on the one face wash and then on the right for the astringent and pump face wash.

I have mixed the Garnier BB Cream and Neutrogena foundation together in this pump bottle.  Right now they are too light for me but they should work soon as my vacation tan fades.  I also didn't use the Snow rollerball at all this month (concentrating on a body spray for my project pan right now).

Products I haven't used yet:
Calvin Klein Euphoria rollerball mini - will start after I finish Snow
Ponds Night Cream - starting after I finish the Loreal cream in a few days
Olay Tone Perfecting Cream - will use soon when I finish my morning moisturizer
Neutrogena Acne Wash - will use this when the Neutrogena Naturals is gone
Exuviance Gel Wash - will use this when the Neutrogena cream cleanser is gone

I will be finishing two products this week.  I think I might have a few other empties before the next update as well.  And I still have four months to go so I think I'm doing pretty well.


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Friday, August 21, 2015

#samplesept Project Intro!

My current Project 20 Pan ends September 1st.  I will post about that progress soon but I wanted to introduce my September project in case you want to join in!

I am starting #samplesept (Sample September) on Instagram.  I am inviting all who want to join me!  The plan is to use as many of my samples as I can during the month of September.  The focus for the month will be on all the foil packets I have laying around that I rarely pull out to use.  I will be updating my progress with empties on Instagram.  I will probably also do a wrap up post here on the blog at the end of the month.  I would love to have you join in!

I thought I would organize all my samples and get some totals to start the month.  I throw all my sample packets into a basket under my sink.  It is a big mess and I never look through it to find anything to use.

I sorted all of my samples by category (face, shampoo, conditioner, other hair stuff, body care, and makeup).  I totaled each category and put all the samples into a plastic baggie.

Finally, I put all the baggies back into the basket together.  They stand up nicely now and I can pull from each category as I use up the previous sample.

Because I am a bit crazy about lists and organizing, I have created a notebook for this project.  It has my starting totals for each category.  I also listed the samples I have for each category.  That way, I can cross them off as I go through the month and keep track of how many I use up.

I am undecided about including perfume samples in this only because I have a few perfumes I am trying to use up in 12 Empties of Christmas.  I think I will have enough time to finish them in October, November, and December so I'm leaning towards trying to use up perfume samples too.  I'd also like a new perfume for Christmas so I want to find a scent I really like before then.

My totals to start September 1st:
Face - 19
Shampoo - 6
Conditioner - 6
Hair Stuff (mostly masks) - 7
Body Care - 5
Makeup - 7
Total:  50
Perfume:  16
Total of All:  66

Let me know if you will join in and if you will be posting anywhere on social media so I can follow along with your progress!


Sunday, August 16, 2015

August Birchbox

This is my last post before returning to school tomorrow.  We report tomorrow and the students start Wednesday.  While I love summer and being home with my mini and hubby, I also love being at school.  I like working with the kids and having some sort of routine to my day.  On to the Birchbox.  This months' box was super cute!  It looked like a pool on the front.  Here is what came in my box...

Air Repair Complexion Boosting Moisturizer - I chose this product for my sample choice.  I don't choose every month depending on my options.  However, I have tried the rescue balm and eye cream from this brand and like them both so I wanted to try something else.  I've only used this moisturizer a handful of times but I really like it.  It isn't too heavy or greasy.  I wore it under makeup and it worked well but I think I would really love it at night.  I'm not a fan of heavy night creams and I think this would moisturize without making me greasy in the morning.  I have 2 samples to finish and then I'll be buying this one!  A full size is $20 so a very reasonable price as well.

Dr. Brandt pores no more cleanser - I have tried a lot of Dr. Brandt products over the years as well.  My favorite is the microdermabrasion but there haven't been too many others I've felt the need to spend in the money on.  I don't have huge pores on the majority of my face, just a few on the end of my nose and they aren't very noticeable.  Therefore, I didn't notice much of a difference in my skin when I used this cleanser.  It cleansed find but didn't do anything else for my skin. I won't purchase a full size.

Dr. Jart+ Vital Hydra Solution Deep Hydration Sheet Mask - This product made me a little nervous because my skin is oily lately and I don't feel it needs much hydration.  I haven't tried any masks from Dr. Jart+ before, mostly their BB creams.  I liked that this mask was hydrating but it didn't make me oilier.  A few hours later, my skin still felt nice and not like an oil slick on places like my chin and nose.  That being said, I have issues with sheet masks.  I don't like the slimy feeling to them with the product on them and I can't handle the feeling on my face of the mask.  It makes me claustrophobic.  So, this isn't something I would purchase but if you like sheet masks, I would try this one.  A mask is $6 so the same price as the Sephora ones.

Rusk Volumizing Mousse - I have used this a few times and I am just not a fan of mousse products.  I feel like it makes my hair crunchy.  I will use this product up, most likely when I want some more texture to my hair.  I won't purchase a full size but it is $18.

theBalm Cosmetics Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush - I love my blush from theBalm (Hot Mama) and I'm panning a palette from them right now, but I hadn't tried any of their other products.  I like the shade of the bronzer but it is in such a small container, it is very hard to get my bronzer brush into the product to apply it evenly.  I will keep trying and will also try to use it as an eye shadow since that brush will fit better.  A full size is $21.

Yet again, I was very happy with the selection I had to try out this month.  I'm a big fan of trying skincare so I love that you get a lot of that with Birchbox.  What did you get this month?


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Friday, August 7, 2015

Project 20 Pan Update Update #3

I started my Project 20 Pan at the beginning of May.  I updated at the beginning of June and July so this is update #3.  I will finish this project on September 1st.  I'm not sure I'll have 20 products finished, but I will roll whatever I have left into some other project to continue using them up.

At the June update I had not finished any products.  At the July update, I had finished 3 products.  You can find that post here.  I finished a lotion, lipstick and lip gloss at that update.

As of this update, I have finished 5 more products for a total of 8 out of 20 gone.  My empties this update are:

I have finished 3 more lotions for a total of 4 of the 8 deluxe sized lotions I put into the project.  I had previously finished the Soap and Glory lotion.  This month I also finished the BeeKind lotion, Dial lotion, and Bath and Body Works in white citrus.  Of these, I did like the Dial and would consider purchasing a full size.  For more in depth reviews, see my last post which was July Empties.
I also finished the Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream and Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Mask.

Now for the products I am continuing to work on:

1.  Vasanti face scrub-  I am making some progress but I need to be better about using this regularly.
2.  Bath and Body Works Body Spray in Oahu - I have made good progress on this.  I am almost finished with it and hope to have it done in the next few weeks before I go back to work because I really prefer to wear a perfume that lasts all day.
3.  Triple Lanolin Lotion - I am making steady progress on this one but I'm not sure it will be finished unless there is a big air bubble somewhere in the bottom of that.

4.  Michael Todd Mask - This has one or two uses left and will be finished.
5.  NYX blush - This is going much faster now but I've been working on it forever so who knows if it will ever be finished.
6.  Stila eye pencil - I use this every day.  It might be finished in the next month.
7.  Clarins Eye Cream - I am using this every night but it is hard to know how much product is in these tubes.  I thought the Balance Me eye cream would take forever and then one day a whole ton of air came out when I squeezed and there was very little product left.
8.  ELF setting powder - I had to take the sifter out because nothing was coming out anymore.  Now it is spilling all over the place so that might end up being why I finish it.  I'm not a huge fan of this product so hopefully this last little bit goes quickly.
9.  Fresh Lip Balm in Honey - This will be gone pretty soon!  These taste bad and are so messy!
10.  Fresh Lip Balm in Petal - I'll focus on this one after Honey is gone.
11.  Stila Lip Balm in Gabrielle - I haven't used this much since I haven't worn much lipstick this summer.  When I go back to work, I'll use this more and will continue to focus on it this fall.

This is the marking of my progress.  I didn't think to do this until a few weeks ago when I wanted to know if I was really using items up.  You can see the progress with Honey and a bit of progress with the Stila liner.  The other 2 lip products and the other eye liner have no progress since I haven't focused on them (I just marked the Stila balm now but will keep track of it).

I haven't used these products at all.  I did not finish the Cover Girl foundation in my finish 4 by July 4th and am still trying to finish that before I start on this BB cream.  Same with this eyeliner.  I was going to work on it after the Stila one was gone which hasn't happened yet.  As I said earlier, I'll just roll this into another project after the project pan is over.

I did have 2 more of the Bath and Body Works body sprays in this project when I started.  One was a full size and one was a deluxe size.  As I've used the Oahu one this summer I realized that these are not a product I really like or want to wear so I am going to give away those two.  I have plenty of items in my project pan since I started with extra items so I won't be adding any items in at this time.

Let me know if you are participating in any projects whether they are project pans or seasonal projects. I love following everyone's progress.


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

Thursday, August 6, 2015

July Beauty Empties

It's empties time!  My favorite!  We took our last family vacation before heading back to school so this post is a few days late.  I have no idea where summer is crazy that we start back in a little over a week!  Time to get back to the routine!

You will see as I share my totals at the end of the post that I did not do too well with using up more than I took in.  I'll review my totals and the items I added at the end of the post (a few were necessities).

We will start with empties from my Project Pan and 12 Empties of Christmas:

Marcelle Hydra-C energizing hydrating gel - This was a product in my 12 Empties of Christmas.  I really liked the formula of this moisturizer.  It was nice and lightweight and sunk in well before applying my makeup.  It comes in a close second to my favorite DDF Moisturizing Dew and I'd consider purchasing this in the future.

Empties from my Project 20 Pan:
BeeKind Body Lotion - I love the scent of this lotion.  However, I do not find it moisturizing enough for my dry skin, especially on my legs.  For that reason, I wouldn't purchase a full size.
Dial 7 Day Moisturizing Lotion Omega Moisture -   I love the scent of this lotion too.  I have a ton of lotions I need to finish but I would consider buying this one since it is a drug store price to give it more of a try.
Bath and Body Works body lotion in White Citrus - I don't buy Bath and Body Works products but I will use them if I receive them from friends or as gifts.  I really love the scent of this lotion but I won't repurchase because I find drugstore lotions I like just as well.
Balance Me Wonder Eye Cream -   I used this at night and it worked okay.  It absorbed well and didn't sting my eyes.  But I also don't think it did anything remarkable for my eyes and isn't worth the price tag.
Glam Glow Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment - I hadn't used this sample up because I do not have dry skin that needs hydrating.  However, I had a horrible reaction to a face cream this month and my skin dried out and peeled.  I used this mask twice and it really helped with the peeling and restoring my skin.  This would not be a product I need to repurchase though.

Rest of the empties:
Blendercleanser - I had this cleanser come with one of my beauty blenders and I finally used it up.  I used it to wash my beauty blender and brushes just so I could use it up.  I'll stick with my Dr. Bronner's soap to wash my brushes and beauty blender though.  If you missed my post about how I wash my brushes, you can find it here.
Avene Thermal Spring Water - I had gotten this in an Ipsy bag and had no idea what to do with it.  I watched someone on Youtube talk about using it as a makeup setting spray (I think it was Amber F).  I also used it a few times when my sensitive skin reacted to a product to calm down the itchiness.  This is not a product I need to repurchase or use daily.
Sephora Soft Touch Cotton Pads - These are my favorite cotton rounds of the ones I have tried.  They do not get any fuzzy parts in my eyes or shed or fall apart.  I will repurchase when I have a coupon or gift card or something but I won't pay full price for them.

Marcelle 8 in 1 Power Serum - I used this serum every morning before I applied moisturizer.  I liked the feel of it and it absorbed well under makeup.  I'm not sure it did anything for my skin and I'd like to try some other serums so I won't repurchase right now.  It is a reasonable price for a serum though at $34.
First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser - I used this cleanser with my Clarisonic.  I enjoyed this cleanser and how it cleaned my face without being drying.  I might purchase a full size one day but I have a few to finish first and some drugstore options I'd like to try.
Supergoop Everyday Sunscreen - This sunscreen was okay for my body.  I found it way too greasy to use on my face and it made me break out.  This isn't a product I feel the need to purchase.  I won't run out of sunblock before winter comes here anyways.

Ulta Moisture and Shine shampoo -  This smelled really nice because of the organ oil in it but I didn't feel like it did anything great for my hair.  I ended up using it up by shaving my legs with it on vacation.  Not a future purchase for me.
Temple Spa Good Hair Day Shampoo - I loved the smell of this shampoo.  However, for the price, I don't think it worked any better than drugstore shampoos I have tried so it isn't a purchase for me.
Temple Spa In Good Condition Conditioner -   I liked the conditioner better than the shampoo.  I thought it left my hair feeling soft without weighing it down.  But again, there are drugstore options that are less expensive.
Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle -  I love this leave in conditioner.  I'm not usually one for sweet smells but I do love these products.  I have quite a few leave in conditioners I bought awhile back but then I might purchase this one.
Beauty Protector Protect and Oil -   Again, love this line and the smell.  This oil is not quite as good as the Macadamia Healing Oil that is my absolute favorite.  However, I can use Birchbox points to buy it one day when my super pricey Macadamia oil runs out.
Harvey Prince Sea/Salt Hair Mist - I didn't feel like this did anything for my hair. I used it after I cut my hair short thinking it wouldn't be so weighed down but it still didn't do much to style it or give it texture.  I won't purchase this one.
No4 Clarifying Shampoo - Didn't do anything special.  Not a purchase I need to make.

Mascara empties - I replace my mascara every 3 months.  I have sensitive eyes that tend to be infected easily so I am very careful about replacing my mascara.
Maybelline Lash Discovery  -   If you've been around awhile you know that this is my holy grail bottom lash mascara.  I have already repurchased.
Smashbox Full Exposure mascara -  I used this as my first coat.  It doesn't do enough on its own for me but it does a nice job of separating my lashes.  I won't purchase a full size.
Benefit Rollerlash -  I was not a fan of this mascara.  It clumped up on me and I found it very hard to remove.  I found that if I used the Smashbox mascara first, it separated my lashes enough that the Rollerlash didn't clump as much.  I won't purchase a full size of this one but I'm glad I was able to try it after everyone talked about it in the spring.

Whew!  Long post!  Sorry!

In July I used up a total of 21 products (2 full size and 19 deluxe size).  I also gave away 1 deluxe size and 3 full sized products that I won't use.
I took in 30 products from samples included with orders and subscription boxes and products I bought.  Most of the full size products I purchased (with the exception of a Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Lorac palette) were necessary because I was running out (serum, mascara, etc).
I started July with 313 products, 25 total went out of my stash, and I took in 30 leaving me with 318 products now in my stash.  Went up again!  Ugh

I have spent $319.45 total for 2015 so far, still better than any previous year.
I have used a total of 148 products for 2015.  I am still hoping to hit 365 for the year.  Fingers crossed.
I have used up a total of $907.35 in products (I don't count foil packets but I do count deluxe and full size as long as they have the amount of product printed on them).
We won't be discussing my beauty budget of $1 dollar for each empty because I am way negative!  I am going to really cut spending to necessities for the next few months.  I did really well in June and hope to do well again this month.

That is where I am in my empties journey for the year.  See you in a month!


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.