Saturday, June 20, 2015

Beauty Goals 2015 Update!

Since my Birchbox just arrived the other day and it'll be awhile before I update my projects and post empties, I thought I would update on the goals I set for myself for 2015.  All the goals I posted about were beauty related since this is a beauty blog although I do set other goals for myself.  I recently felt the desire to go back and reread the goals.  I felt it was a good reminder to myself and thought I'd give a little update to you all as well!

Here were my goals from the post in January and I'll link to the original post here.

Update #1 - I am keeping track of purchases and have spent $178.43 to date.  In some areas, I have done really well limiting purchases.  I have definitely limited my purchases compared to what I would have spent at the same time last year.  However, my goal was to only buy what I needed and I have definitely spent beyond that.  I received beauty products as birthday gifts (granted I didn't pay for them but I still brought in more products), I went to the beauty show in March, and made a Tarte purchase online in May.

Most recently, I went to Sephora and used a gift card from Christmas.  I bought an eyelash curler because my other one was gross.  I limited myself to exactly what was on the gift card which included picking up a face mask and an eye makeup remover.  I did really well and resisted the urge to buy makeup.  So, this is definitely a struggle for me with limiting purchases but I will continue to work on this because I really don't want to end up with more products at the end of the year than I started with.  It defeats my purpose.

Update #2 - I have track of every empty product for 2015.  When possible I have also recorded the cost of the product or approximate cost of the sample.  As of May 2015, I had used up a total of 105 products (full size, deluxe size, foil packets, and expired items).  I had used $696.85 in products and had $141.01 that were trash from being expired.

My budget goal was $1 for each empty.  Using that logic, I currently owe about 68 empties before I should be buying anything else.  I am working hard to bring down my negative balance over the next few months.  I have a few projects going (You can check out previous updates and I will post new updates in a few weeks) and a few thoughts for going into fall and using up products.

Update #3 - Epic Fail!  I purchased eye shadow from Tarte and received makeup products as birthday gifts (because I asked for them even though I didn't need them:).  I did resist a lip gloss during my most recent Sephora trip though...woohoo!

Update #4 - I completed a project 10 pan back in February although I didn't use up all the products.  I started a Project 20 Pan at the beginning of May that will run until September 1st.  I'm seeing a lot of progress with the Project 20 Pan so that is helping me feel more successful than the products I picked in my 10 pan and didn't feel very successful with.  I am also doing Finish 4 by July 4th.  I don't think I'll finish most of those but I'm feeling happy with my progress.

Update #5 - I love my Youtube ladies that keep me going.  I also have a group of Instabesties and we are keeping each other accountable and checking in often.

So, that is where I am at with my goals for the year.  I am doing okay but not as well as I had hoped.  I am doing considerably better with controlling spending, however, than I have in past years.  I will continue to work on these goals with the hopes in being more successful when I update at the end of the year.



  1. You're doing a great job making progress on your goals! i know it gets tough at times but you got this! ♥pdpatel0503

    1. Thank you! I appreciate your support!

  2. I would enjoy reading a post reviewing your thoughts on all areas. Like one huge review of the various products.

    1. Are you interested in a mega 105 product empty review? Or a review of the products I purchased?