Sunday, February 1, 2015

January Beauty Empties

Snowing like crazy here so I'm going to work on a few posts to get caught up since leaving the house isn't an option.  I don't think I will be posting January Favorites because I haven't really been using or buying any new products.  I am working hard this year to use products up and so as the year goes on, I will have rediscovered favorites I will share.  This month I have been working on my project pan items for the most part so I haven't had any new favorites.

I am continuing with my 365 days of empties challenge and low buy challenge for 2015.  I will talk more about that at the end of this post.

I do have quite a few empties for you this month so lets jump in!

These are my project pan items I have finished so far.  I posted my update on the 22nd of the month.  You can check out that post here.

Hair products for this month:
Clear Scalp and Hair Shampoo - This is not empty but is being trashed because it makes my scalp very itchy and dry to the point where it actually hurts.  Not good.  Definitely not a repurchase.
Neil George Shampoo - This was a Birchbox sample.  I didn't feel like it did anything bad but I didn't feel like my hair was super great when I used it either.  I won't purchase a full size for that reason.
Rusk Texture Dry Finishing Spray - Sample from Birchbox and I thought it would work like a hairspray.  However, it is a texture spray that I felt made my hair dirty and sticky.  It isn't a product I would ever use for how I style my hair so I won't purchase a full size.
Macadamia Healing Oil Spray - I love this stuff!  I have gotten a few samples from Birchbox now and it is great for when I let my hair air dry.  I often shower at night after working out and let my hair air dry for work the next day.  This makes it very soft, smooth, and keeps it from getting frizzy.  If I could find this on sale or at TJ Maxx, I might purchase it.  However, this tiny 2 oz size is $14!  I will be on the hunt for a similar product that isn't as pricey!

Face products finished this month:
Pond's original fresh wet cleansing towelettes - These came in my winter Walmart Beauty Box and were great for traveling over the holidays.  They stayed wet and were a good size and thickness to remove my face makeup.  I won't purchase because I am not using makeup remover wipes anymore but I would recommend these (I'm sticking with my Sephora Cleansing Water).
Formula 10.0.6 Pores be pure skin-clarifying mud mask - This is another product that isn't finished but will be going in the trash.  While I liked it, I'm not sure it every did anything special for my skin besides make it soft.  I am trashing it because it is very old and the last time I used it, it really bothered my skin so I think it has gone bad.
Neutrogena Clear Pore oil-eliminating astringent - This has been my holy grail astringent for a long time and has been in my empties before.  It does have alcohol and might be a bit harsh for my skin.  However, as long as I use it, I notice my skin is a lot clearer than when I stop (I have tried others that were not as effective for my skin).  I only use it in the morning after I cleanse.  I have a few more of these to finish up but then I have a new product I would like to try in its place.
DDF Ultra-lite moisturizing dew - I love this moisturizer.  It is a nice lightweight moisturizer for daytime and it sunk in quickly so I was able to apply my makeup.  It is pricey so I'm not sure I would purchase a full size although this sample did last me quite awhile.  This came from Birchbox but they also sell it on Ulta's website (not sure about the store).

Other Products:
CVS premium cotton rounds - I like these because they have an exfoliating side and a smooth size.  They also don't leave any fuzz behind or get fuzz in my eyes.  I usually buy them when they are sale so I grab a few at a time.  I don't count these in my 365 days of empties because I don't hoard them like I do other products so it isn't a beauty item I feel I need to restrict my purchase of.
Yu-Be moisturizing skin cream - I received a sample of this from Sephora awhile ago and purchased the full size.  I liked this on my cuticles and dry spots on my hands.  I have found a product I like better so I won't be repurchasing this one.
Ellovi Butter - This was a Birchbox sample that you could use for a variety of uses such as makeup removal, dry skin, etc.  It was solid in the container but then as it warmed up, it became more of a liquid.  I also used this on my cuticles and I liked it for that purpose but I feel like putting it on my face would not work for my skin.  I liked that it was a more natural product with only a few ingredients.  I'm not sure I would purchase it just because I'm not sure I have a use for it.

Update on my low buy challenge:
When I posted my December empties, I had 268 products.  I added 27 products this month through my monthly Birchbox and then purchases with gift cards I had received for Christmas.  That brought my total products to 295 (not really going down, yikes!).

I used a total of 18 products this month.  4 were full size, 5 went in the trash (2 products shown here and 3 mascaras because I had an eye infection), 2 foil packets (I only post those on Instagram) and 7 deluxe samples.  That brings my total products as of now to 277. (I don't include cotton rounds in my total even though I used them up).

I am also keeping track of the cost of all the items in my empties and what I purchase.
Purchased: $8.78 (replacement mascara and a T-Gel shampoo for my itchy scalp)
Trash:  $67.42
Used Up:  $115.50 (I like that this is higher than my trashed total and my purchased total.  yay!)

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Thanks for sticking with my long post and I hope my journey to empty products is inspiring you!

*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.


  1. Yeahhhh I wish I had as much will power as you not to really buy any new beauty stuff lol! I had actually been wondering about that Clear Scalp shampoo so I'm glad I haven't bought it based on what you said! I have an issue with itchy scalp anyway so I don't need anything adding to the problem! Great post! I love looking at empties and reading little reviews! :)

    1. Thanks Kelly! I am trying really hard this year! Talk to me in a few months. lol