Friday, January 2, 2015

Goals for 2015

I thought I would post about my goals for 2015.  I have mentioned a bit in previous posts such as my project pan or through Instagram posts about it but I wanted to include it here.

On December 1, 2014, I went through and inventoried every product I owned at the time including products I was currently using and back up products in the areas of hair care, body care, skin care, and makeup.  I originally wrote how many I had in categories such as shampoo or conditioner but decided I wanted to be more specific in my lists.  I wrote either the brand or shade of the product so I can cross off the exact product on my list as I use it up.

I have also started writing the dates on a lot of the new products I pull out so that I can learn how long it takes to use up my products.  I often buy backups convinced that it will take only a month to use up a product.  Then a few months later, I have multiple products still hanging on and extras I have purchased since.

My Goals for the year include:

1.  A low buy or no buy for the year - I will only be buying products if I run out of all the options I have in that category.  For instance, I have four toners in my back up stash.  I will only be purchasing a toner this year if I use up all of those.  For example, I know I will run out of eye makeup remover since I only have one and a half bottles left.  Most categories will not require any purchases to make it through the year.

2.  Keep track of empties - I will be keeping track of my empty products, as usual.  Each empty will give me $1 to spend on new products.  However, my goal is that this will include the purchase of any products I run out of.

3.  I do not need to buy any makeup products - I don't anticipate having to purchase any makeup products.  I think I have enough in each category to get me through the year.  This also means that I can save my empty money for my skincare that I know I will run out of.

4.  Participate in project pans - I have already started my first Project 10 Pan and it is going well.  Since deciding to start using up products, it is very rewarding to see the progress on specific items I am keeping track of.

5.  Connect with others who project pan - I have found some wonderful ladies on Instagram who I have become friends with and will be using as a support system this year.  I also have subscribed to lots of project panners on Youtube as well.

My lovely friend @abeautyproject is doing a project pan right now also and we are supporting each other on our #365lowbuychallenge through blog posts and instagram.  @beautyempties and some of my other beauty friends on Instagram are doing #365daysofempties which I am also participating in.  I have kind of combined a few different things into what works for my goals for the year.

My goal through all of 2015 is to get my collection of beauty products to include only things I love.  I do not have an excess of products in many cases (especially compared to many beauty lovers).  However, some products are not products that I absolutely love and I would like each category to include only my favorites.

Thanks for reading!  I know these are not the most exciting of posts, however, I have been inspired by the tips and progress of others on this journey and hope to pass that along.  I also want to keep myself accountable throughout the year.  In my December empties, I started including product counts to provide an idea of where my beauty stash is at.



  1. Great idea with the lists. I'm doing something similar and trying to get through all my hair and bath products too! I always stock up in fear of running out but I also realized that it took much longer :)

    1. I'm the same way. I stock up when its cheap so I don't have to pay full price but I won't have to pay full price for years now. lol

  2. Eeee!!! so excited to see you do this. I like the replacement-only rule. I think the only thing I'll need to purchase this year is mascara out of necessity (on my very last sample and then have one opened mascara, and that's it). I also like the idea of giving yourself $1 per empty! I might consider that.

    1. Thanks for the support! We can do this!