Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Finish 6 by Christmas Finale and New Project Pan!

It is not quite Christmas but I thought I would post my final update on my Finish 6 by Christmas before we spend time with family over the next few days.  I did not finish any of the products but I can see that I have made a lot of progress and am close to finishing the products.

Here is the first picture from September:

Here is the progress now! (Yay for sunny days for good picture quality:)

Befine Night Cream - I really like this product but I've had it awhile.  I have been mixing it with a drop of the Tarte Maracuja oil in an effort to use up both products.  This is a very light night cream so the oil also makes it a bit more moisturizing for winter.  The line closest to the cap is where I am now.

I am almost finished with the lip glaze, primer, and concealer.  You can see the progress on the lip glaze and concealer.  The primer tube is definitely flatter but it is hard to mark progress on it.

I was super frustrated with the NYX blush so I put a hole in the middle to find out how far down the pan actually was.  I'm getting close!

I have been using the eyeliner every day along my top lash line.  I love the color but I purchased a few of these when Stila discontinued them so I need to use this one up.  You can see it is shorter when compared to the primer.

I will be continuing to use up these products which brings me to my "Project Pan."  I have inventoried all of my makeup (yikes!) and will be working hard in 2015 to get rid of products and not buy more.  I did pretty well with this over the last few months of 2014 during my 100 day no buy.  Through that no buy, I realized that I want to spend my money on products I really want and know I will use instead of roaming the aisles at Ulta and picking a bunch of items just because (which I did almost weekly).

I am a list maker and love to cross items off a list when they are completed.  So, I listed every item in my skincare and makeup collection so that I can cross off items as I go.  The list was made as of 12/1/2014 so I have already been using up some of the products.  I'll be including that information in my empties posts each month.

For the project pan:  I have never done one of these before.  I am not sure how long it will take me to use the items up or how long the project will last.  I am considering it started on 12/22/2014 and I will just continue with the items until they are gone.  I am hoping most of them will be finished by the end of January because I purposely picked items that I think will be easy to complete in a short amount of time so I don't get frustrated my first time out.

I will be continuing with my 6 items from Finish 6 by Christmas.  The four items I will be adding in are the Jo Malone perfume, Dr. Brandt Pores No More deluxe sized sample, Temptu highlighter deluxe sample, and TheBalm Nude'tude palette.  

I love Jo Malone perfumes but they are pricey and I do not want this scent to go bad before I finish it.  I'm not a huge fan of the Dr. Brandt mask (although it doesn't harm my skin) so I just want it used up.  I have been layering the Temptu highlighter with my NYX blush I'm trying to use up.  I'm about halfway through so I will continue to use these two together, at least until the Temptu is gone.  Finally, I would like to hit pan on some of the shades in my palette.  I'm not sure I will pan the whole thing but it isn't my favorite palette and I'd like to get some use out of it since I don't reach for it often.

I have taped my list to the inside of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom as a reminder of what I am trying to use up.  I am thinking I will probably update towards the end of January and see where I am at.  Then update at the end or more frequently if needed.  

My goal is to post every week but then life gets in the way.  My Birchbox just arrived less than a week ago so I am using those products but haven't used them enough to post about it yet.  That post will get pushed to the end of the month which is later than I usually post but the mail did not cooperate this time.  I will continue my Birchbox subscription even though I am on a no buy/low buy.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy this journey with me.  I am looking forward to support from some of my favorite Instagram ladies who will be doing a low buy/no buy with me.  
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*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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