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My Beauty Subscriptions - July

Time again for Ipsy and Birchbox information and reviews.  I got my box and bag a few weeks ago and have been trying to use and try some of the products so I can give you a little more information when I post about the products that just a list of what I received.  If you guys like that, let me know.  If you just want a list, I can go back to doing that too.  Remember, all the opinions on these products and services are my own and what works for my skin, hair, etc.  You may feel differently about them and that is okay!

I've been doing these posts for a few months so if you are unsure what these services are all about I've given more information there.  Basically, they are $10 each and you receive 4-5 samples with each service.

I'll start with Birchbox this time.  I feel like my boxes from them have been really good lately.  I know they can be hit or miss but I've had a string of really good boxes with good sized samples.  I had quite a few products in my box this month so hang on:)

1.  Beauty Protector Protect and Treat Mask - I love all the Beauty Protector products I've tried.  The hair protectant spray I received a few months ago was wonderful and made my hair feel very soft after blowdrying.  I'm kind of iffy on the smell because they do have a very sweet smell which isn't my favorite.  That being said, I don't notice the smell once I've applied the product to my hair.  I would definitely consider purchasing this hair mask after I use up the samples I have around.  I've recently started using hair masks since I have been getting them in my Ipsy and Birchbox over the past few months.  I've liked that they have made my hair smoother and appear less frizzy.  I use them not more than twice a week, usually once a week or less depending on what my hair needs.  With summer, I don't think my hair is as dry and it will be in the winter when I may want to use one more frequently.
2.  Benefit Cosmetics Posiebalm - I was so excited to receive this product because I had been debating buying the full size.  Being able to try it first with this sample was even better.  This product has a very slight pink tint and feels like a chapstick. It is super comfortable to wear although not very long wearing.  But it is easy to keep in your purse to swipe on without a mirror or lots of effort.  I don't have very pigmented lips so the color did show up on me but that might not be in the case with this particular shade if you have more pigmented lips.  I will definitely buy this product once I use up my sample!
3.  Naobay Body Radiance Lotion - This is a lotion.  There isn't much else to say.  I'm not particular about my lotions.  I will use them all unless they smell horrible which this does not.  I either keep them in my nightstand for before bed or in my purse when they are the smaller size like this.  I have been using this before bed on my hands and its worked just fine, especially for summer since I don't need a very thick hand cream.  I won't purchase this product just because I have so many similar products at this time.
4.  Real Chemistry Luminous 3-Minute Peel - I had never tried a peel like this.  It was strange to be able to see my skin rubbing off when I removed it but I suppose that means it was working.  My skin was smooth and soft after use however this isn't a product I see myself using frequently so I won't be purchasing this one.
5.  Ruffian nailpolish in Relic - I love this silver shade and have it on my nails right now.  I used two coats with a base and top coat (OPI) and this hasn't chipped on me yet in 48 hours!  Amazing!  Usually polishes chip or start wearing at the tips after about 24 between dishes, laundry, household chores, etc.  I will continue to use this shade and may consider purchasing other shades.  I'm not a huge metallic fan usually so I might see if there are some matte shades by the same brand.
6.  Ruffian Towelette - I used this to remove my nail polish before I painted them the other night and it was amazing!  It took off glitter with minimal rubbing and didn't smell like nail polish remover either.  They are pricey for a nail polish remover but I am considering purchasing a set to keep around when I have to remove more difficult polish.

On to Ipsy...This is the second month in a row (at least) that I've been kind of disappointed with my products.  When I first signed up I was receiving a lot of makeup items often full sized.  The bags have been more of a variety lately, which is fine with me, except that the products included are just not good.

1.  Bare Minerals 5 in 1 cream eye shadow in divine wine - I have used this a few times and I like it when I want just a simple shadow look.  You only need a little bit of the product and then I blend it out, mostly with my finger.  I have tried to layer shadows over it and haven't had much luck with that but it has worked well for a simple summer look.  I would probably not purchase this product just because I have a ton of eye shadows and this isn't a type of product I normally like.
2.  Lord and Berry eyeliner in black - This is tiny!  It worked okay as a liner.  It was a hard pencil which I don't usually use and didn't draw a real smooth line for me.  I did take a pencil brush and blend out the line a bit to get a more even application and then it looked fine.  However, I wasn't real impressed with it and won't purchase a full size.
3.  Hang Ten Dark Tanning Oil - I didn't use this and threw it away.  Sorry, but I like to be honest in my reviews.  I don't tan, I don't lay out, I wear at least SPF 30, and I have no intention of using any product like this.  So, it went in the trash.
4.  Clear Clinic Vanished Spot Treatment - I tried this once.  Then it went in the trash.  First ingredient was alcohol and it smelled like rubbing alcohol.  I had no desire to put it on my face.  I have other spot treatments that I really like that I don't feel like would be harming my skin.  And this may not harm your skin but the scent alone made me wonder.
5.  Models Own Nail Polish - This is a very sheer red/pink with large glitter.  There is no shade name on the bottle that I could find.  I used Sally Hansen Pink Punk as a base then applied this over the top.  It looked good, the glitter was kind of subtle.  I might consider purchasing other shades of this nail polish.

So, those are my products and reviews for this month.  Depending on next month, I may be done with Ipsy.  I say that every month though:)  I hope you like the reviews of the products and waiting for this post instead of a list of products I receive right away.  Let me know in the comments what you received this month and if something worked for you!

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*All opinions are my own.  I purchased all products with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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