Tuesday, July 1, 2014

June Beauty Favorites

First off, I want to thank Brittany Gary for nominating me for the Liebster Award.  I was also nominated by Jen at Twirly Skirt a few months back and never had time to do the post.  So, since it is summer break for me, I will try to get it done this time.  So watch for that in the next week or so.

My June favorites have been pretty simple since it is warm and I am on summer vacation from teaching.  And quite honestly, there have been quite a few no makeup days if we have nowhere to go.

First off, I've been using my Naked Basics palette.  I love these neutral shades and they blend so well for a natural look.

I have been lining both upper and lower lashes with Satin Taupe from Mac and an elf essential smudge brush.  During the school year when I am getting ready for work, I am a big liner girl, especially on the top lash line but this has been super easy for summer.

The mascara is the volumizing mascara from Mally.  I received it in my Birchbox this month and I have been loving it ever since.  It is one of the few non-drugstore mascaras I would consider purchasing.

I've been reaching for NYX blush in dusty rose.  This is a gorgeous pink shade that is great for daily wear.

Finally, I've been using my Jouer lipgloss in Mirage.  I absolutely love the formula of these glosses.  They feel so nice on the lips and not at all sticky.  They don't last forever and aren't super pigmented but I love the formula.

The blush, Mac shadow, and lipgloss are a few items I have been trying to reach for more frequently and use up. They are some of the older products I own and I want to finish them instead of having to throw them away because they are old.

What were you loving this month?


*All opinions are my own.  All products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.


  1. I will have to try to Mally mascara. I just purchased the Mally Primer and I loveeee it!

    1. I saw that on your blog post. I'm looking forward to trying some other products if we both are enjoying these from the same brand. Thank you for the Liebster nomination!

  2. Jouer is a brand I am dying to try! It seems like all of their products are so nice! That looks like a great shade of lip gloss! Satin taupe is one of my favorites too, I love it for lining my lower lash line or for my crease!

    1. I use satin taupe almost daily as my liner on my lower lash line as well! Thanks for reading!