Friday, May 30, 2014

May Beauty Empties

Yay!  Love empties, as I've mentioned before.  Part of my love comes from knowing that if I use something up, then I need to replace it with something else....right?:)  I actually bought a whole lot of products after the holidays with gift cards and around my birthday in February so I haven't purchased much lately and am trying to use up some of what I already have around.  I also get lots of little sample size treats from my Ipsy and Birchbox each month so that gives me some new products to try.  On to what I used up this month....

1.  The top foil packet was a No. 4 Volumizing Conditioner sample from Birchbox this month.  I am still getting some uses from the shampoo so that will show up next month.  I absolutely love these.  They smell so good and I really like how they feel and make my hair feel.  However, they are super pricey so I probably won't purchase a full size unless I tally up a ton of Birchbox points:)
2.  Keims Hair Care Cleanshine Energizing Shampoo - This is another sample from one of my beauty subscriptions over the past few months.  I wasn't a huge fan.  It wasn't very thick (it tended to run out of my palm) and didn't lather as much as I like.  I wouldn't purchase it but I do like being able to try out new hair care samples.
3.  Eucerin Original Moisturzing Cream - I bought this over the winter because Chicago was horrible this winter!  It is greasy so I would only use it before bed on my hands but it was very thick and moisturizing.  I have lots of lotions and hand creams to use up so I won't repurchase anytime soon.

4.  Neutrogena Oil-free eye makeup remover - This is my favorite eye makeup remover.  It doesn't bother my eyes at all and I think it does a good job of removing my makeup.  I will continue to repurchase this.
5.  Sephora Triple Action Cleansing Water - I bought this on a whim because I wanted to try the cleansing oil from Sephora that lots of people talk about.  My Sephora was out of the oil so I tried the water instead.  I really like this.  I used it on a cotton pad at night.  I don't know that you need to cleanse after but I used my face wash at night after this and felt my face was super clean and I had significantly less break outs.  I tried the Garnier Cleansing Oil which I'm using right now and not a huge fan of so when its gone, I'll definitely repurchase the Sephora cleansing water.
6.  First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Deep Cleanser with red clay - This was another subscription box sample.  I really liked this product however I have other face washes that I like equally as much that are not as pricey so I probably won't purchase anytime soon.
7.  Air Repair Rescue Balm - Came in a subscription box - I know you're surprised:)  This balm is amazing!  I used it primarily on my cuticles at night however I went through about a week with super chapped lips for some reason and I tried this on them instead of chapstick.  It worked so well!  I will definitely repurchase this item.

8.  CK One mascara - This was my free mascara from Ulta for my birthday.  I wasn't a fan and won't spend money on it.  It made my lashes look okay but I found it really hard to remove.  When trying to remove it, it tended to flake and then it got in my eyes.  Not good.  This is more of a trash item than an empty item.
9.  100% Pure Mascara - This was a sample from a subscription box and at first I wasn't a huge fan.  It gives a very natural look, not much volume or length for me.  And it has a very fruity smell, I'm sure due to the natural ingredients.  However, the smell went away the more I used it and I found it to be an awesome bottom lash mascara.  I'm saving up my Birchbox points to buy it very soon!
10.  Dolce and Gabbana Pour Femme - This was okay.  I use these samples so I can try out new fragrances, but I wasn't a huge fan of this.  It smelled too sweet and like candy which I'm not a huge fan of.  If you are though, it has a subtle hint of the sweet candy smell and you would probably really enjoy the scent.

Lots of skincare items this month.  Makeup is so much harder to get through.  I only tend to go through mascaras because I have such problems with my eyes (mostly due to allergies and sometimes infections) that I don't keep them more than 3-4 months even if I haven't used them up.

Would love to hear what you used up this month!  Let me know or share your post in the comments so I can check it out!

All opinions are my own.  Products were purchased with my own money unless stated otherwise.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.

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