Tuesday, March 18, 2014

My Beauty Subscriptions - March

Welcome!  I am going to try to make this a monthly post so you can see all the fun goodies I collect from my Ipsy and Birchbox subscriptions.  Also, sometimes I absolutely love these products and I would love for you to know about the great ones out there.

As mentioned, these are $10.00 each and come each month.  You can cancel at any time but you can't return a box or skip a month.

We'll start with Ipsy this time.  Usually I receive 5-6 products in my Ipsy bag.  This month was only four so that was kind of a bummer.

I received a Pixi primer, NYX eye shadow Love In Rio trio in Amazonian Babes, Bare Minerals Lipstick in Get Ready, and a Chella liquid eye liner in a shade of blue.

I have not tried the primer or the eye liner yet (blue isn't really my first choice in an eyeliner:).  I have used the shadows once.  They were just okay.  I have other NYX shadows that I really like.  However, these had larger pieces of glitter instead of just being shimmery.  I'll keep trying them and see how it goes.

I like the lipstick.  It is a bit darker than I usually reach for but it is a really pretty color and feels nice on the lips so I put a little bit of a lighter gloss over the top which made me more comfortable.  Overall I wasn't crazy about this bag.

On to Birchbox.  I was immediately excited when I opened it because I absolutely love Stila Lip Glazes.  I already own them in about four colors, luckily not this one:)

I also received a shampoo by Keims, Air Repair salve which you can use on hands, lips, cuticles, etc. The other two items were a serum/primer for the face and the Jergens BB Body lotion.

I have used the shampoo a few times.  I like it but it isn't anything fantastic that I would feel the need to pay a higher price for.  I love the lip glaze, of course.  The serum I've used once as a light moisturizer/primer on a light make up day.  It felt really nice on the skin but I haven't used it enough to see if it does anything for my skin.

I have not tried the Air Repair although I'm looking forward to trying it on my dry, winter cuticles and I haven't tried the Jergens lotion yet.

I actually liked the items in my Birchbox better this month.  Often, those on Youtube and other bloggers think Ipsy always "wins."  I really like Birchbox even if the products are smaller because they aren't often products I would go out and try.  With Ipsy, I would buy a NYX shadow, Pixi product, or Bare Minerals at my local store.  While they are both a good value, I feel Birchbox really gives me products I wouldn't normally try.  That's my two cents and purely my opinion:)

I will include my links below...I do receive points if people sign up however you can always go to the website and sign up there as well.
Ipsy:  http://www.ipsy.com/r/558z
Birchbox:  https://www.birchbox.com/invite/xbcyv


As always, these boxes are purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post and all opinions are my own.

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