Monday, March 3, 2014

February Makeup Empties

Hooray for March!  I only hope that it gets warmer.  It has been super cold and snowy here in Chicago for months now.  I'm just asking for some 40s...thats not too bad, I don't think:)

I collected some products that I used up during the month of February.  A few products aren't empty but after attempting to use them for a bit, it just wasn't something I would want to continue to use.  

I will start with the products that just were a "no go" for me.

1.  Be a Bombshell "The One Stick" in girl crush - this was a light pink shade that was intended to be a multiple use stick for cheeks, eyes, lips, etc.  It was very chunky and left a lot of product on whatever area you applied it to.  I tried it mainly has a highlighter on my cheeks because it was a very pale pink but it left a ton of product on my cheeks and then it didn't blend out really well.

2.  Pixi bronzer - I got this in an Ipsy bag last fall and tried to use it for awhile.  I don't know if the shade is too light or the formula isn't great but I never felt like it was showing up on my skin.  I have rather light skin so that usually isn't the case with a bronzer.

3.  Elizabeth Mott Smooth Shadow pencil in pearl - this was another Ipsy bag item.  It is a very small tipped pencil to be a shadow.  My biggest complaint thought was the glitter.  When I tried to blend it with my finger either under my brow bone or on my lid as a base, it left large pieces of glitter which I don't like.

On to the empties:

1.  Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream - this was a sample from Sephora and I have already repurchased it.  It has a slight menthol smell and is greasy but I love to use it on my cuticles, especially at night before bed.  Since repurchasing, I have found a balm by Honest that came in Birchbox that I might like even better.  You'll probably see it in my next empties post.

2.  Grow Luscious by Revlon mascara - I love this mascara and often repurchase it when I don't feel like trying something new.  It has a big brush which I like.

3.  Cargo Triple Action Mascara - this came from Ulta in a little kit of Cargo products.  I did not like it.  I felt it did nothing for my lashes.

4.  Jo Malone perfume in Nectarine Blossom and Honey - I bought a Jo Malone cologne awhile back and they gave me a whole handful of samples in other scents and this is one of the last few I have left.  I would definitely purchase the scent in a full size, although there aren't many Jo Malone scents that I don't like.  It is a light fruit scent that I really like.

5.  Tocca Handcream in Grapefruit Cucumber - another Birchbox sample from awhile back.  I love hand creams and will always use them up, especially in our cold Chicago winters (I may have mentioned them before:).  The scent was okay.  I probably won't repurchase this one specifically just because I wasn't so in love with it that I need a full size. 

6.  Beauty Protector Protect and Detangle Leave in Conditioner - a sample size that came in a Birchbox and I loved the way it made my hair feel.  I would spray it into damp hair, comb through and then blow dry.  My hair was nice and soft, but I would not repurchase due to the smell.  I describe it as cotton candy and it stayed in my hair so I kept smelling it throughout the day.  Lots of people like this product and I did too, but the scent just wasn't for me.  

I hope my mini review help you in finding something new to try!  Remember, everyone has different preferences and something that didn't work for me, might work for you.


All opinions are my own and products were purchased with my own money.  I was not compensated in any way for this post.


  1. I love empties posts! And I enjoyed reading yours. Always interesting to see other's opinions on things, especially products I don't have where I live. I hear you on the Jo Malone front - she hasn't yet made a fragrance that I wouldn't walk over hot coals for.

    Rachel || A Nesting Nomad

    1. Thanks for stopping by Rachel. I always think its interesting also to read about products that are available other places.