Sunday, March 16, 2014

Breakfast Tacos

We have good family friends who live in Austin.  Back in the fall we visited them and had the most delicious breakfast tacos.  Now, I can't begin to recreate them and have them taste as yummy as the ones we had, but we've made our own a few times.

The recipe is super easy and you can make them with whatever filling you prefer.  The great thing about this breakfast is that I make them on a Sunday morning, but make extra of the fillings.  Then, I wrap them up for breakfast for the family for the rest of the week.

Here is one of the tacos before I wrapped it up.  I scrambled eggs and added crumbled bacon and cheese on top.  We like flour tortillas because I can't keep a corn tortilla from cracking:)

Here it is all wrapped up and ready for the fridge.  Then we can grab them in the morning and reheat at home or at work.

Breakfast Tacos: (this recipe can be adapted depending on your choice of fillings)
1 Dozen eggs
1 package bacon
cheddar cheese
Salsa (hubby likes to top his with salsa)

I scramble the eggs and cook the bacon.  I like to cook the bacon in the oven (less mess).  Preheat oven to 375 degrees.  Then cook bacon on a rack in a cookie sheet with an edge for 20 minutes.  I put it on paper towels on a plate after it comes out to soak up a bit of the extra grease.  
Then take a flour tortilla, fill with eggs, top with crumbled bacon, and cheese.

I can make about 15 tacos with a dozen eggs but yours may vary depending on the size of your tortillas and the amount of filling you prefer.

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