Monday, February 3, 2014

Blueberry Pancake Twist

I love trying new recipes, especially ones I find on Pinterest.  Who doesn't?:)  I also like to make meals that I can take to work during the week on the weekends and have them ready to go.

So, I tried a baked blueberry pancake recipe off Pinterest.  The recipe came from a blog called Mommy?  I'm Hungry!  You can find the specific recipe here.  She has lots of other yummy recipes too so go look around.  You'll want to make it all!

The baked pancake is made in a 9x13 dish.  I made the recipe exactly as stated except we did not make the syrup.  Instead we just ate the slices of pancake.  I have also been cutting pieces to take to work for my breakfast.

This is very yummy and so easy.  I had all the ingredients on hand except for the blueberries which were on sale at my store this past week.

There are also variations provided on the site of what you can mix into the pancake.  Chocolate chips sound delicious!


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