Sunday, January 26, 2014

Makeup Empties #1 and a Blog Update

So, I've been toying with the idea of totally changing the topic of my blog or making a second blog or all sorts of other things.  I've only ever posted about diy, organization, or house related topics.  However, part of the reason I named this Love To Be Busy is because in addition to projects around the house, I love to read, cook, and am totally obsessed with makeup.  So for now, I'm just going to post about all the things I love that keep me busy.

With that being said, my first non-house related post is going to be about some makeup empties and a mini review.

The top picture includes a fragrance free hand cream with shea.  This was a smaller travel size I got in a gift.  I believe it is from Kohls (according to the label).  I really liked this hand cream.  I kept it by my bed and used it at night.  It has a thicker consistency which I like at night and I liked that it was fragrance free.  I would repurchase this item if I needed a hand cream (I have quite a few around right now).

The other product in the top pictures is Jour d'automne Non-aerosol hair spray.  This deluxe sample size came in a Birchbox.  The hairspray itself was fine although I'm not a big fan of non-aerosol hairsprays but I couldn't get past the smell.  I did use it all up but I thought it smelled like men's cologne and the scent kind of stuck around for awhile:)

The bottom picture is a Suave deodorant (probably was free with coupons at some point).  I like this formula/brand but I'm not too picky about my deodorant, especially in the cold winter months.  I will continue to purchase this deodorant, especially when it is on sale.

The final product is Neutrogena lip moisturizer.  It is a chapstick that I have kept by my bed to use at night.  I like to swipe on a little chapstick or lip balm before bed.  I have also purchased this product a few times although I have a few other kinds laying around I'm going to use up before I repurchase this one.


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