Tuesday, January 28, 2014

A Little Planner Love

I love planners!  I can replace the planner I use multiple times during the year and I thoroughly enjoy rewriting dates and notes into the new one.  I know I'm not alone:)

I am currently using a few different planners:)  Our family uses the iCal app on our phones consistently because all the dates can go into it and can be shared between all our phones.  That way my hubby and I know who has a meeting when, who needs to take my daughter to gymnastics practice, when school events are scheduled, etc.  We avoid overlapping too many commitments that way.

However, I love a paper planner!  I must have one!  I'm not sure I can ever go completely digital.

This year I am using the Erin Condren Life Planner for myself.  (link here)

With this planner, you can personalize the cover, pick your starting month and much more.  They are a bit pricey but so pretty!  And they always send coupon codes and little extras with your planner that are awesome!  

The inside of my planner has tabs with each month.  I put dates for my daughter's gymnastics, school related items for myself, etc.  I like that the month is two pages with big boxes.

The inside pages have the weeks all laid out behind each month with lots of space to write appointments or reminders.  I use the inside week pages for  a lot of list making and reminders.

The planner also has space for notes, special reminders, a pocket, a pencil pocket, contacts section, fun stickers and much more.  I really love how fun this planner is and how much space it allows me to write anything I may need.  I do like a planner to fit in my purse at times which this does not but I do keep it open on a corner of my desk to refer to.

After buying the life planner, I heard about another type of planner that is smaller and thinner. So, of course, I had to buy one of those to try too:)  It is by May Designs.  (link here)

I like this planner because it fits in my purse.  Again, it has a monthly spread with each week on two pages behind the month.  I can pull it out at work and jot down reminders and to do lists to refer to later.  Again, you can customize the cover and the monogram.  You can also customize what goes inside which is totally cool.  You can make an agenda like I have, a blank notebook, or many other options.  

So, I'll continue using these planners for all my lists, reminders, and appointments.  I'll probably pick up some more during the course of the year:)  I'll share those if its something I'm finding I like also.


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