Friday, December 27, 2013

Time to Organize!

I apologize for my absence lately.  Blogging had to take a backburner to finishing the semester and taking the comprehensive exam for my master's degree.  Since finishing that a few weeks ago, I have been working to reorganize some areas of the house.  I started with our guest room closet.  We were having family come for the holidays and it was a disaster!

As you can see, this is our catch-all closet.  It holds extra bags, classwork from my master's program, books, my daughter's keepsakes, and on and on.  I started by taking everything out and sorting it into piles on the floor.

I did get rid of some trash, really old papers, and bags I don't use anymore.  Then I put everything back in a more organized fashion.

Books and papers I need to keep for my master's program are more organized on the bottom shelf.  Waiting for the day I am finished and don't need to keep all of that anymore:)  The top shelf holds portfolios for my hubby and I and some important papers.

The bottom of the closet is where I keep a plastic tub for clothes for my daughter (when I buy them off season or on sale).  It also has a few different bags for donations.  One is where we keep the bag for Salvation Army (once the bag is full I will drop it off) and the other are donations I have since dropped off for a shelter.

The corner shelves are now much better organized as well.  The top shelf contains our pool bag (which we won't need for awhile) and the duffel bags we use when we travel.  The middle shelf is my daughter's keepsake box and our box of documents for taxes.  The bottom shelf holds a box of extra school supplies for my daughter and the bags I use more often (contained inside the Thirty-One bag).

I feel so much better about this closet even if people don't see it too often:)  I don't feel like everything is falling off the shelves anymore, guests could hang clothes if they need to, and I don't have to dig under a pile of bags to find what I need.

We switched my daughter's room and the guest room a few years ago and I haven't done anything with the guest room since.  I bought a new quilt and am working on a side table, some artwork, and other things to make it more inviting.  I will show you all the finished product when I get there:)