Sunday, August 18, 2013

Reorganization Time!

Besides that fact that it just looks like chaos, this reorganizing project came out of necessity.  With school starting, I needed to get to my Arc puncher and laminator and they were buried in this mess!

Over the summer, this cabinet had become a dumping ground of all the things I thought I might one day decide to use in a "project."  Last summer I organized our laundry room where this cabinet lives.  So it did look pretty at one time.  You can find that post here.

Once you open the cabinet, there are two sides with a shelf on each side.  Here are the inside pictures before I pulled everything out.

Besides the fact that things had kind of gotten thrown inside, my pile of gift bags and other gift items was a hot mess!  Every time I opened the cabinet, they'd all come sliding out.  I needed a better storage solution than a pile on the shelf:)  So, I found a lid rack at Target in the kitchen section.  Its meant to be used for pot lids.

I pulled everything out of the one side of the cabinet and sorted the bags by size.  I moved all the gift bags, ribbons and stuff to the bottom shelf because it is taller to fit the new storage idea.  I put the piles of gift bags into slots.  I used an empty basket I had laying around for the small bags, ribbons, and fillers.

Then I put everything into the bottom section of the cabinet.

I did some weeding out of the extra office supplies before placing them on the top shelf of the cabinet.

I pulled everything out of the other side and sorted through the items.  I got rid of things I wasn't going to use and put items, such as the fabric, away in the containers I had been too lazy to use:)

When I was all finished, I could get to everything inside the cabinet without digging or anything falling out on me.  I was also very happy to be able to use the top of the cabinet for some school projects and to fold laundry again. 

While I had organized this cabinet last fall, you can see how things can get away from you sometimes and just need a little tweaking.