Monday, May 27, 2013

End of Year Teacher Gift

I can't believe my daughter is finishing her first year in school!  She has absolutely loved kindergarten and her teacher.

I have seen the idea of "Orange You Glad It's Summer" on a variety of Pinterest pins.  I started with the dollar section of Target to see what we could find that was orange.  I thought the coffee cup was so cute!  We also found the orange notepad and striped sticky notes.  We bought some orange gum, tic tacs, and sunblock at Target as well.  I went to Ulta and got some orange shower gel and lotions to add to the bag as well.  Here is everything we found.

We also bought an orange striped bag and tissue paper for the gift.

When I clicked on one of my pins, it took me to Coley's Corner.  In her post, she offered the tag she had created for others to use.  You can find the one I used from her here!  Here is the finished product, ready to be delivered at the end of the week!


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