Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Oven Tacos

I have returned to the real world!  We were on Spring Break for 10 days of wonderful family time.  We love to camp and spent time in both Asheville, NC and Nashville, TN.  So, I apologize for the delay in postings but it was a very welcome break for us.

My sister made these tacos off Pinterest and raved about them so I decided I'd try them.  At first, I wasn't really excited about it because making tacos is an easy meal for me.  Little fuss.  But these were not much work at all and are so good!!!!!  (I'm not even being overdramatic here!).

These recipe is from "Mommy, I'm Hungry?"  You can find the recipe here.

The only change I made was to halve the recipe.  We don't eat 20 tacos, although they did reheat pretty well so I might next time to have some leftovers as lunch during the week.  I used 1lb. of ground beef, half the can of tomato sauce, etc.  I also used the taco seasoning recipe she recommends in the post as well.  I made the whole batch of that and saved half in a container for next time.

Do be sure to drain off any fat or liquid before mixing in the beans, sauce, and other ingredients.  I did and made sure the mixture cooked a bit until it was nice and thick before putting it into the tacos.  Otherwise, you risk the bottoms being soggy. 

I highly recommend this recipe!  Hubby loved them!  I'm looking forward to trying some other recipes off her blog as well!

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