Sunday, March 3, 2013

Daughter's Room - The Closet

The second part of finishing my daughter's room was her closet.  There were some bins in the bottom  holding different items but it wasn't very functional and there was a lot of wasted space.

Here is the before...Yikes!

We really needed a better solution.  I found a system of stacking blocks at Target that are a brand called itso.  I used some in the bottom of our front hall closet to hold reusable bags, boots and other items.  I liked that they provided the option of leaving them open or buying the bins that can go into them.  They also click together very easily.  So, I picked up a few more to organize the bottom of my daughter's closet as well. 

Of course, as we organized, we also sorted everything to see if there were things to get rid of.  The back left corner of the picture was her dress up items which we were able to clean out a bit since some things didn't fit anymore or were old.  Her shoes were also in a bin on the floor.  The back right corner was a basket of stuffed animals with blankets piled on top.  Not a great system and we were able to purge some of those items as well.

Here is the bottom of her closet with the bins after we sorted everything.

One open space can hold blankets because she likes to be able to pull them out when she wants and the others holds dress up items that are larger like a crown and power ranger helmet:)  The far right has a little empty space that allows her to put a few tall items that don't fit in the bins.  She now has four bins that contain her bags that used to hang on the closet doors, her stuffed animals, her dress up clothes, and her shoes. 

I created labels by typing what I wanted into a word document and printing it on cardstock.  I cut down the paper and laminated it.  I then attached each label with a clothespin.  I chose not to put pictures because she is working on learning to read and can read these words already.

I am happy we have found a better use of space and I don't feel like anything is wasted.  I like that the floor in front of her closet isn't overflowing with things anymore and the doors are free of things as well.  I'm still working on a good place to put her laundry basket so if you have any suggestions....


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