Monday, February 18, 2013

Daughter's Room

Has time flown!  Starting back to school after winter break and starting the next semester of my graduate program have left me very little free time!  I would so much rather be creating projects than doing homework (sigh!).  I had a three day weekend so I tried to finish some projects I started over break almost two months ago!

One of those projects was my daughter's room.  All the furniture in her room was white except for her dresser.  We had gotten bookshelves and a bed a few years ago but kept her dresser from her set we bought before she was born.  The dresser was black and very long.  Our bedrooms aren't very large so it was taking up a lot of floor space in her room.

Enter Craigslist!  I found a dresser that was a good size, lots of storage still but taller instead of wider.  We bought it and hubby started repainting it white for me.  I do not have a before picture of the dresser because he started without me even knowing (he's wonderful like that:).  I do have the drawers before and the dresser in the middle of painting.

All of my daughter's clothes fit perfectly in her new dresser.  There is still room on top for her basket of hair things and some pictures she loves.  We also cleaned out the clothes as we moved everything.

After moving everything into her new dresser, there was more space in her room for toy storage.  The bins from Ikea we already had in her room.  We added the plastic set of drawers that we had sitting empty in the crawlspace.  I would like a different system but this works for now and was free (love it!).  My daughter and I cleaned and sorted all her toys before putting anything into the new containers.  Then she asked me to label them for her.  I love my child!:)

I took a picture of what is in each bin and added a word label to the picture.  Since my daughter is learning to read, I wanted the words to help teach her the words for each item.  I laminated all the pictures and then attached them to the plastic container with a glue dot (you can find them at a craft store).

The set of drawers holds all items necessary for her dolls.  Each doll has two drawers for their clothes and accessories.  I took a picture of each doll, added her name, and laminated the pictures also.  I used glue dots again to attach everything.

This has made a big difference in her room.  Lots more floor space and more storage to put her things away instead of leaving them all over the floor.  She can also find things so much easier when she wants to play now.


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