Sunday, January 6, 2013

Organizing Schoolwork

With my daughter starting kindergarten this year, I wanted to be proactive and create a system for organizing all the papers she will bring home in the years to come.  I started this project over the summer when I found a post about it on IHeart Organizing.  At the time, I printed the labels and cover pages Jen had on her site so I could start the project (You can find them here).

Then I waited to find a storage container I liked and that wasn't crazy expensive.  This past week, Staples was offering 100% rewards back on the box I chose to pick up.  I shop at Staples a lot, especially for printer ink so I knew we would put the rewards to good use.

Originally, everything I had kept for my daughter from birth to age 6 was piled on a shelf in the top of her closet.  I honestly had no idea what I would want to keep and so there was a whole lot stashed up there.  I pulled it all down and started to sort through it.  Having been in daycare since 3 months, there was a lot of items that I realized I didn't need to be keeping. 

The bigger items I chose to keep went into one of the containers while a lot I chose to throw away ( I had kept a lot that I really didn't need to).  I kept items with her handprint or special projects that she had made over the years.

When I was finished, it all fit nicely into two small containers.  I put these containers back into the top of her closet.

I also had a few papers from daycare that I put to the side for the file box I had purchased.

Here is the box from Staples that I purchased.  I already had hanging file folders on hand and I had file folders and labels in my office supply stash:)

I put each year of school into its own hanging file folder.  I added the preschool papers I had sorted from her closet.  I also added items to the kindergarten folder for this year such as certificates she has received and grade reports.

There is a lot of room to grow with this box and I should have plenty of room for everything I want to save.  If not, I figure I can always make an elementary and secondary box if necessary.  I also made a label for the front of the box before I stored it away.

I'm very happy about being proactive with all the school papers that will be coming home in the years to come.  I also know they are all in one place should I ever need to reference one for some reason.

I should add to my goals list for 2013 that I need to work on how to use my camera so I get nice pretty pictures:)


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