Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gallery Wall-Part 2

Sorry for the delay in getting this out.  Took a wonderful trip to Austin, TX for the long weekend and spent the week before trying to get ready to leave and the week after trying to catch up.  I did enjoy time with wonderful friends and some warm weather though!

Besides the pictures that I created (posted about here), I made two other items for my gallery wall.  Here are the four pieces of the wall hanging up.

I bought two white 8X10 frames at Michaels.  For the frame in the top left corner, I googled quotes about family.  I found one that I liked and then created this in Powerpoint.  I saved it as a PDF and printed it through Office Max so that it was on nice heavy paper and the color would be exactly what I wanted (versus what my printer likes:)  Here is a close up of the quote.

The other part of the wall that I created was the frame in the bottom right corner.  I saw a similar idea on Pinterest (Here), however, I made it a differently thanks to some hints from my sister-in-law who had already made something similar.  I used one of the white frames and a piece of scrapbook paper in the colors I was using.  I loved the pattern in the green paper (also from Michaels)!  I put the paper behind the glass in place of a picture.  I then painted the letter M and used gorilla glue to attach it to the glass.  Be careful how much glue you use so it doesn't squeeze out around the edges of the letter.

And here is the finished wall above my buffet.  I used to have a hutch top on the buffet but my living room is small-ish and having the space open has made it seem much bigger.

This is still a work in progress.  My buffet was decorated for the holidays but I haven't decided how to update it yet since taking all of that down.  I'm thinking Valentine's Day somehow....I'll post about that once I do it.  I think I'd also like to add another pair of items to what is already hanging?  I'm not sure what it would be and I don't want it to look like too much.  We will see:)


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