Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gallery Wall - Part 1

We have been working on some cosmetic changes to our living room and kitchen.  This has been an ongoing project since we painted over the summer.  I have been adding artwork and more touches as I have some extra money here and there.

As part of redoing our living room, I took the top part (hutch portion) off my china cabinet, which left only the buffet bottom.  I love how it made the room look bigger, but then I needed something to fill the wall above the buffet.  I decided to make some things to create a small gallery wall.

I had pinned an idea to create what looked like a canvas portrait, but used wood instead.  Here is the link to my original pin.  Hubby was nice enough to buy some wood at the store and cut it to an 8x10 size.  He cut two of them for me.

Both pieces of wood were painted white (with the exception of the back).  I had white craft paint on hand so I used that, but I'm sure leftover wall paint would work as well.

I printed two 8x10 photos through Walgreens.  They were offering a promotion online so they were half price and I could just pick them up in the store.  I chose to have mine printed in color.  I put Modge Podge on the piece of wood on the same side I painted white.  I also put Modge Podge on the back of the picture and stuck it onto the wood.  I made sure to smooth out any air bubbles.

I attached picture hangers to the back of each piece of wood and they are ready for my wall!  Here is what the finished and dried picture looks like.

I will post about the other parts of my gallery wall soon and show you the finished wall!

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  1. Love this idea Heather! I've been thinking of doing a gallery wall myself. Can't wait to see the finished product!