Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Southwestern Chicken Salad

I'm always looking for new lunch ideas.  I take my lunch to school every day and get tired of soup or a sandwich.  I saw this idea on Pinterest (click Here to see the original recipe).  While it looked delicious, I was going for simple and I'm not a huge fan of dressing.  I also wanted something I could pack up at the beginning of the week and just grab each morning. 

Here is what I did to make my version of the Southwestern Chicken Salad (that's the best description of it). 

1.  Poach/boil chicken breasts.  I used one large chicken breast which yielded a little over 2 cups of shredded chicken.  Once the chicken cooled, I shredded it with my fingers.

2.  I drained a can of corn and threw that in.

3.  Drained and rinsed a can of black beans and threw those in too:)

4.  Finished it off with some pico de gallo. We have a grocery store here that makes it from scratch and it is so yummy so I used theirs versus making my own or buying a jar of it.

I immediately divided it into five separate tupperware containers so I could grab one each morning and be ready to go.  I bought some tortilla chips that I have been dipping in to eat it. 

The pico de gallo I buy gave it plenty of flavor that I didn't need other spices.  It has also stayed well in the containers all week which I wasn't sure about when I made it Sunday evening.

Here is the recipe:
1 large chicken boneless/skinless chicken breast (about 2 cups when shredded)
1 14.5 oz can sweet corn
1 14.5 oz can black beans
container of pico de gallo
chips for dipping

This made about 5 servings of 1 1/2 to 2 cups each


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Gallery Wall-Part 2

Sorry for the delay in getting this out.  Took a wonderful trip to Austin, TX for the long weekend and spent the week before trying to get ready to leave and the week after trying to catch up.  I did enjoy time with wonderful friends and some warm weather though!

Besides the pictures that I created (posted about here), I made two other items for my gallery wall.  Here are the four pieces of the wall hanging up.

I bought two white 8X10 frames at Michaels.  For the frame in the top left corner, I googled quotes about family.  I found one that I liked and then created this in Powerpoint.  I saved it as a PDF and printed it through Office Max so that it was on nice heavy paper and the color would be exactly what I wanted (versus what my printer likes:)  Here is a close up of the quote.

The other part of the wall that I created was the frame in the bottom right corner.  I saw a similar idea on Pinterest (Here), however, I made it a differently thanks to some hints from my sister-in-law who had already made something similar.  I used one of the white frames and a piece of scrapbook paper in the colors I was using.  I loved the pattern in the green paper (also from Michaels)!  I put the paper behind the glass in place of a picture.  I then painted the letter M and used gorilla glue to attach it to the glass.  Be careful how much glue you use so it doesn't squeeze out around the edges of the letter.

And here is the finished wall above my buffet.  I used to have a hutch top on the buffet but my living room is small-ish and having the space open has made it seem much bigger.

This is still a work in progress.  My buffet was decorated for the holidays but I haven't decided how to update it yet since taking all of that down.  I'm thinking Valentine's Day somehow....I'll post about that once I do it.  I think I'd also like to add another pair of items to what is already hanging?  I'm not sure what it would be and I don't want it to look like too much.  We will see:)


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gallery Wall - Part 1

We have been working on some cosmetic changes to our living room and kitchen.  This has been an ongoing project since we painted over the summer.  I have been adding artwork and more touches as I have some extra money here and there.

As part of redoing our living room, I took the top part (hutch portion) off my china cabinet, which left only the buffet bottom.  I love how it made the room look bigger, but then I needed something to fill the wall above the buffet.  I decided to make some things to create a small gallery wall.

I had pinned an idea to create what looked like a canvas portrait, but used wood instead.  Here is the link to my original pin.  Hubby was nice enough to buy some wood at the store and cut it to an 8x10 size.  He cut two of them for me.

Both pieces of wood were painted white (with the exception of the back).  I had white craft paint on hand so I used that, but I'm sure leftover wall paint would work as well.

I printed two 8x10 photos through Walgreens.  They were offering a promotion online so they were half price and I could just pick them up in the store.  I chose to have mine printed in color.  I put Modge Podge on the piece of wood on the same side I painted white.  I also put Modge Podge on the back of the picture and stuck it onto the wood.  I made sure to smooth out any air bubbles.

I attached picture hangers to the back of each piece of wood and they are ready for my wall!  Here is what the finished and dried picture looks like.

I will post about the other parts of my gallery wall soon and show you the finished wall!

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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Organizing Schoolwork

With my daughter starting kindergarten this year, I wanted to be proactive and create a system for organizing all the papers she will bring home in the years to come.  I started this project over the summer when I found a post about it on IHeart Organizing.  At the time, I printed the labels and cover pages Jen had on her site so I could start the project (You can find them here).

Then I waited to find a storage container I liked and that wasn't crazy expensive.  This past week, Staples was offering 100% rewards back on the box I chose to pick up.  I shop at Staples a lot, especially for printer ink so I knew we would put the rewards to good use.

Originally, everything I had kept for my daughter from birth to age 6 was piled on a shelf in the top of her closet.  I honestly had no idea what I would want to keep and so there was a whole lot stashed up there.  I pulled it all down and started to sort through it.  Having been in daycare since 3 months, there was a lot of items that I realized I didn't need to be keeping. 

The bigger items I chose to keep went into one of the containers while a lot I chose to throw away ( I had kept a lot that I really didn't need to).  I kept items with her handprint or special projects that she had made over the years.

When I was finished, it all fit nicely into two small containers.  I put these containers back into the top of her closet.

I also had a few papers from daycare that I put to the side for the file box I had purchased.

Here is the box from Staples that I purchased.  I already had hanging file folders on hand and I had file folders and labels in my office supply stash:)

I put each year of school into its own hanging file folder.  I added the preschool papers I had sorted from her closet.  I also added items to the kindergarten folder for this year such as certificates she has received and grade reports.

There is a lot of room to grow with this box and I should have plenty of room for everything I want to save.  If not, I figure I can always make an elementary and secondary box if necessary.  I also made a label for the front of the box before I stored it away.

I'm very happy about being proactive with all the school papers that will be coming home in the years to come.  I also know they are all in one place should I ever need to reference one for some reason.

I should add to my goals list for 2013 that I need to work on how to use my camera so I get nice pretty pictures:)


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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Goals and Projects for 2013

I love to cross items off a list!  Who doesn't?  I prefer paper to all the new technology that hubby says I should use on my phone because its just not as satisfying to delete as it is to cross it off:)

My goals and projects for 2013 are things I want to accomplish around the house.  While there are many more (like a new kitchen!), these are items I know we can afford and are not cost prohibitive.  Well, planning them in my head anyways:)

Here ya go!

I'll be posting pictures of these projects and, I'm sure, many others I will find to complete!