Sunday, December 9, 2012

Reorganized Kitchen Cabinet

The kitchen in my house is pretty much the only thing left that we haven't renovated since moving in 10 years ago.  It is still 70's brown and laminate counter tops.  One day......

My kitchen cabinets are relatively tall.  I keep a step stool in the kitchen because I can't reach beyond the second shelf of my cabinets with my short little legs.  I also do not have a pantry so I stuff a lot of things into those cabinets.  I showed you over the summer my organized spice cabinet which you can find here.  My cabinet of canned goods stays very organized because I have all the similar types of cans in rows on the shelves.  However, the cabinet above the kitchen sink was another matter.

The bottom shelf, especially, was a complete disaster.  I was always digging for what I wanted or buying extra because I forgot what I had.

I started by buying some containers at Walmart.  I just wanted some baskets that weren't too expensive.  I ended up with these.

I also bought some small containers for items for Rylee's lunch.  Jen at IHeart Organizing mentioned that she used these in one of her posts awhile back and they were also inexpensive at Walmart.

I tossed anything that wouldn't be used or was old enough that I didn't remember when I used it last:)  Some of the items that would be used for Rylee's lunch such as pretzels, I put into the small Ball containers so they are ready to throw in her lunch bag.

Above is what the cabinet looked like for awhile.  I labeled the baskets with Rylee lunch, snacks, bread/pasta, and granola bars because those are the things we grab the most.  I printed labels on cardstock and stuck them to the baskets with glue dots.

After living with the cabinet for awhile, I decided the size of the baskets weren't working with their labels. I needed more room for Rylee's lunch items and less for snacks.  So, I have switched the labels around.  I have one basket that remains without a label because it doesn't have a permanent category.  It has had a variety of different categories so it is staying blank until I make a final decision.  I also had hubby pick up some wire shelves while he was out the other day to make the most of that tall bottom space.

So, the cabinet now looks like this......

A much better use of space!


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