Sunday, December 2, 2012

Organizing the Button Craziness!

You know how you get all those buttons with your clothes?  I assume you're supposed to save them....just in case:)  For all these years, I have thrown all those buttons in a Longerberger basket my mom gave me to use as a sewing kit, probably about 15 years ago.

Now, I don't sew.  I can sew a button on, maybe sew a rip in a pinch, but I am not one to sew much of anything.  Therefore, the basket of buttons is rarely used.  However, when I need thread and a needle, I dig...and dig...and dig some more.  Just not cutting it!

Here is the alleged sewing basket...

To start, I dumped the contents onto a table.

Scary, huh!:)  I took all the buttons out of their little packets or plastic baggies and sorted them by color.

I bought this box in the tool and outdoors section of Walmart.

Then I gave each color of buttons their own little home.  I used the other half for safety pins...woah, the amount of safety pins I have for some reason.  I also put thread and elastic on the other side.

It all fits so nicely.  I need to make a pretty label for the top, I just haven't decided how I want to make it yet (this is the time I want one of those fancy cutters to make words:).

And just because he's adorable...this was my buddy at my feet the whole time.  He was keeping me company:)  He is wedged between the couch and the table I was working on.


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  1. Wow! What a difference that must make when you're trying to find what you need. I love how everything has its own little spot, but they're all in one container. I'm going to have to see if I can find something like that for around here.

  2. Hi Lovely, I'm your new follower from Blog Hop.
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    1. Welcome and thank you for visiting! You are too sweet!

  3. Great minds think alike - I bought the same one to hold my paper beads! Love how you can adjust the little areas.

    1. Yes, that was my favorite part. I was able to move things around to fit depending on how many of each color I had.