Thursday, December 27, 2012

Linen Closet - Part 2

I previously posted about the beginning of my linen closet organization project.  It involved cleaning out the vanity in our extra bathroom and moving some items around.  You can find that post here.  The next part of this project was cleaning out our main bathroom.  I knew that there were medicines and other items in the bathroom that I wanted to store in the linen closet as part of the reorganization. 

The medicine cabinet was a mess of old products, old medicines, and things we actually use.  I took everything out, wiped the cabinet and shelves down, and only put back the items we use often and need access to.

I also cleaned out under the vanity.  Again, it was a mess of bottles from products we don't use and items that could be stored elsewhere.

I tossed all old and expired products (lots of sunblock!).  I also moved some of the items that I use frequently to the medicine cabinet with my other products.  Finally, I grouped like items together so they would be easy to find.  The after...

The last two places in the bathroom that I cleaned up were the drawers of the vanity.  I totally forgot about them beforehand so I don't have pictures of them.  The first holds all my hair items and they were all thrown in and mixed together.  I sorted them by rubber bands and barrettes and put them in baskets to keep them from sliding around and mixing together in the drawer.  I also tossed items I no longer wear.

The last drawer mostly need wiped down and to have a few old items thrown away.  I have a basket that holds curling irons and my hair dryer.  I don't use the irons too often so I don't have much of a problem with the cords being tangled.    The bottom drawer also holds my make up bag and my daughter's flossers so she can reach them.

The biggest thing for me was cleaning out items that were old or we don't use anymore.  It freed up a lot of space and made everything look neater just by that simple step.  I have one more post coming that will show you what I moved around and how the linen closet looks now.


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