Monday, December 24, 2012

Linen Closet - Part 1

Holiday break in our house means catching up on all the things I haven't had time for over the last few crazy weeks of holidays and school.  I decided my linen closet needed some fixing up.  Here is why...

It was a mess!  Especially those shelves between the towels.  No idea what was in the baskets and drawers anymore.  The linen closet is going to cover a few posts because it ended up flowing over into the cabinets in two of the bathrooms as well.

This is the cabinet in the bathroom in our family room. 

It had assorted cleaning products and some old towels.  We have millions of towels so these were sent to the garage for hubby to use.  I also moved the cleaning products to our closet where we keep the rest.  (What?  Put them all in one spot?  What a novel idea:)

I moved the beach towels from the top shelf of the linen closet to the cabinet in the bathroom.  This bathroom is right by our back door so it made sense to put these towels here for when we play in the yard or the sprinkler instead of walking through the house all wet.

The items on the right of the cabinet are dog shampoos which we also use in the backyard.  This freed up most of the top shelf of the linen closet to give me more organizing options.  I'll post about the other bathroom and the final reveal of the linen closet in my next few posts.


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