Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Organizing a Coupon Binder

So, I am reorganizing the corner of my desk.  I made a Blogging Binder that I posted about here recently.  Since creating the binder, I have wanted to move some things around.  I reorganized my desk awhile ago and put a big green tub in the corner with files in it.  Here is the post about that phase of my desk:)  It was taking up more space than I really wanted and didn't leave much space for my binders.

Now you're going...Didn't she say this post was about a coupon binder?  I had been keeping retail and restaurant coupons in the green tub on my desk.  However, since I'm doing away with the tub, I decided I need a place to keep the coupons that were in those file folders.  I decided to add them to my coupon binder so I thought I would show you how I organize my coupons.

I love my couponing!   I'm not a crazy stockpiler or anything but I do buy a few of something when its on sale for cheap and I have a coupon.  That way I'm not buying it when I run out and its full price.  I'm all about saving money any way I can so we can use that for extras our family enjoys!

I have a binder from Staples that I bought when I started couponing.  Its a 2" binder and I repurposed dividers I already had at home (like my old grades on there?).  Each divider was labeled with a category such as meat, canned goods, frozen foods, personal care, dairy, etc.

I bought packages of baseball card holders for the coupons.  Each section has some sheets and then I put any extras in the back.  I cut out the coupons I know we will use for our family and put them into the binder.  I usually save this activity for a night I am really tired and just want to sit in front of the TV for a bit. 

The new additions to the binder are in the back.  I used pocket dividers that I already had but you can find them at Staples and I am sure other office supply stores.  I used my label maker to label each pocket with its category.  I have Target, CVS/Walgreens, Retail, and Restaurant.  This is where I put those retail and restaurant coupons that were living on my desk.

So, that is about it for the binder.  It keeps everything in one place and I can pull the coupons I need out each week for my shopping trip.  I love my couponing and am happy to answer any questions you may have.

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