Sunday, November 11, 2012

Coupon Envelope

As part of the continuing reorganization of the corner of my desk and everything that was contained there, I am changing where I store my coupons.  Last week I showed you my main coupon binder which you can find here.  In addition to keep all my coupons for the grocery store, I added retail and restaurant, and store coupons to this binder instead of keeping them in folders on my desk.

I decided to create envelopes to keep coupons I want to take with me when I go shopping.  This way they aren't falling to the bottom of my purse or shoved in pockets where I forget to use them.  I do this sometimes and then I'm so frustrated when I get home and realize what I did:(

I saw these envelopes on two different blogs.  There were shown in a picture on Put a Little Shush in Your Home which you can find here.  Check out the totally creative folders she made for her binder while you are there!  When I asked her about them, she mentioned that she got the idea from another blog.  Then I remembered where I had also seen IHeart Organizing.  Jen also provided the labels to use for the envelopes in her post which you can find here.

I started with letter sized envelopes and solid color scrapbook paper that matched the color of the labels.  I cut the paper to the size of the envelope.

I used a paper cutter to trim off the flap of the envelope so I can slide coupons in and not worry about them fitting perfectly into the envelope.

These are the labels for the envelopes that I printed from Jen at IHeart Organizing.  You can find them in the post I link to in the above paragraph.  I did not use the "this trip" label which is why you only see three envelopes.

Finally, I glued everything together and laminated it.  I'm excited not to lose my coupons anymore!


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