Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Place for Schoolwork

With my daughter starting kindergarten this year, I have been trying to find a good system to organize all the paperwork that comes home.  I have put long term information in a pocket in my household management binder labeled "School."  This includes calendars for the year, office information and other paperwork that will be kept for the year.

I had been hanging all the other classroom information on a clip on the front of the refrigerator. 
However, I was then flipping through to find what I wanted, papers would slip out, if got heavy enough it would slide down the front.  Just not a great solution.  Then I saw a post about a pocket from the Martha Stewart line at Staples from Simply Organized (find the post here).  Then I got a coupon for Staples in my email and decided I would give it a try.

I covered some clothespins I had with Washi tape I found at Target.

And then I put magnets on the back. I had round magnets on hand so I just cut them to fit the back of the clothespin. 

The first time I hung the pocket on the fridge, it kept sliding so I added magnets to the bottom of the pocket.  This seemed to keep it up just fine.  The pocket does come with its own adhesive but I was unsure about removing it later so I used the clothespins with magnets instead.

Here is what the pocket looks like on the side of my fridge.  No lighting on that side, so the picture isn't great.  I kept the clip which now just has the baggie of box tops hanging from it below the pocket on the side of the fridge.

I'm really happy with this solution and thanks to Simply Organized for the inspiration.


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