Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Christmas Door Decoration

Oh, I love the holidays!  I am trying to cross items off my to-do list that I wanted to make so there is time to have them up and enjoy them before the season is over.

I just finished a door decoration for my front door.  I had a snowman one that I used all winter but I wanted something with holiday colors.  There were posts on Pinterest where boxes were covered and connected with ribbon (the link for my pin doesn't work anymore) or letters covered with scrapbook paper.  I just combined some different ideas into what I wanted.

I started with letters from the craft store that I painted white.

Hubby cut me boards that would fit the letters.  Mine were about 5x7.  He also drilled a hole in the top and the bottom so I could connect the boards.  I painted two boards green and one red.

I used hot glue to attach the letters to the boards after everything was dry.

Then I tied twine through all the boards so they would be connected and hang in a line.  At the top I looped the twine to make a way to hang it.  Right now it is hanging from a command hook on the front door but it is heavier than I anticipated.  I'm waiting for the day when I hear it crash so I am looking into a stronger way to hang it.

I also tied the twine on at least one side of each hole (I did the front of each to keep it consistent) so that nothing would slide.

I also put a loop at the bottom to finish it off.

Ta-da!  Here is what it looks hanging on the door.  I love it and I love that it is something I made myself.



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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Easy Christmas Tree Decoration

Since my living room redo began (this is a never ending project and one day when I finish it, I will post pictures:) and I went from a hutch cabinet to just a buffet, I am excited to have the whole top of my buffet to decorate for holidays. 

I had seen an idea for a tree from scrapbook paper on Pinterest (find the original post here).  My daughter loves to craft and I thought it would be fun to have her make one for our decorations.

Here is what it looked like once she was done.  I cleaned out a lot of my paper when I reorganized our laundry room so I did not have any scraps for her to use.  Instead, I bought coordinating colored paper at the craft store.

How I did it:
1.  I cut the white paper to 8X10 since I was going to frame it
2.  I made the strips of paper 1 inch wide but you could do skinnier if you wanted more strips.
3.  The bottom strip is 9 inches long.
4.  Each strip is a half inch shorter as you go up the tree.
5.  My daughter drew and cut out the stars for the top on her own.
6.  The trunk is from a scrap of brown paper.
We used the adhesive I use for scrapbooking and card making to attach the strips of paper.

In the frame on the buffet.  She is so proud that her work is part of the decorations.  The frame is one from Goodwill that I bought a few months back and repainted.
We also made two more for the great-grandparents which I am going to frame and give as a gift from my daughter (great idea for those who are hard to shop for but would love a handmade gift from their grandchildren:).


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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Place for Schoolwork

With my daughter starting kindergarten this year, I have been trying to find a good system to organize all the paperwork that comes home.  I have put long term information in a pocket in my household management binder labeled "School."  This includes calendars for the year, office information and other paperwork that will be kept for the year.

I had been hanging all the other classroom information on a clip on the front of the refrigerator. 
However, I was then flipping through to find what I wanted, papers would slip out, if got heavy enough it would slide down the front.  Just not a great solution.  Then I saw a post about a pocket from the Martha Stewart line at Staples from Simply Organized (find the post here).  Then I got a coupon for Staples in my email and decided I would give it a try.

I covered some clothespins I had with Washi tape I found at Target.

And then I put magnets on the back. I had round magnets on hand so I just cut them to fit the back of the clothespin. 

The first time I hung the pocket on the fridge, it kept sliding so I added magnets to the bottom of the pocket.  This seemed to keep it up just fine.  The pocket does come with its own adhesive but I was unsure about removing it later so I used the clothespins with magnets instead.

Here is what the pocket looks like on the side of my fridge.  No lighting on that side, so the picture isn't great.  I kept the clip which now just has the baggie of box tops hanging from it below the pocket on the side of the fridge.

I'm really happy with this solution and thanks to Simply Organized for the inspiration.


Friday, November 16, 2012

Desk Update

Back in the spring I organized/reorganized my desk (view post here).  I was looking for a place to put the paperwork and coupons that collected on various surfaces and bulletin boards.  This is what I used at the time...

Labeled folders for all of my daughter's school papers and extra curricular schedules and information.  I also created folders for retail and restaurant coupons.  Unfortunately, this bin took up a large portion of one side of my desk.  I was also putting my Household and Blogging Binders next to it which took up even more space.  So, I changed it up a bit.  This is what it looks like now...

Everything is still there and handy, just take up less space, which is wonderful!  The magazine holder has my notebooks that I like to keep near me for notes or other random thoughts that come to me (there is lots of randomness floating around up there at times:)  The black and white binder is my Household binder.  I created the binder back in the spring and I will link to all those posts at the end of this post in case you are interested.  The blue binder is my blogging binder I created recently.

So, where did everything go?  The retail and restaurant coupons are now in my coupon binder that I posted about recently.  My daughter's paperwork has been added to my Household Binder in pockets (see the picture below).  The notebooks that were in the back of the bin are now in the magazine holder.  And I have room to spare!

Here are the links to all the posts I mentioned:
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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Coupon Envelope

As part of the continuing reorganization of the corner of my desk and everything that was contained there, I am changing where I store my coupons.  Last week I showed you my main coupon binder which you can find here.  In addition to keep all my coupons for the grocery store, I added retail and restaurant, and store coupons to this binder instead of keeping them in folders on my desk.

I decided to create envelopes to keep coupons I want to take with me when I go shopping.  This way they aren't falling to the bottom of my purse or shoved in pockets where I forget to use them.  I do this sometimes and then I'm so frustrated when I get home and realize what I did:(

I saw these envelopes on two different blogs.  There were shown in a picture on Put a Little Shush in Your Home which you can find here.  Check out the totally creative folders she made for her binder while you are there!  When I asked her about them, she mentioned that she got the idea from another blog.  Then I remembered where I had also seen IHeart Organizing.  Jen also provided the labels to use for the envelopes in her post which you can find here.

I started with letter sized envelopes and solid color scrapbook paper that matched the color of the labels.  I cut the paper to the size of the envelope.

I used a paper cutter to trim off the flap of the envelope so I can slide coupons in and not worry about them fitting perfectly into the envelope.

These are the labels for the envelopes that I printed from Jen at IHeart Organizing.  You can find them in the post I link to in the above paragraph.  I did not use the "this trip" label which is why you only see three envelopes.

Finally, I glued everything together and laminated it.  I'm excited not to lose my coupons anymore!


Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Organizing a Coupon Binder

So, I am reorganizing the corner of my desk.  I made a Blogging Binder that I posted about here recently.  Since creating the binder, I have wanted to move some things around.  I reorganized my desk awhile ago and put a big green tub in the corner with files in it.  Here is the post about that phase of my desk:)  It was taking up more space than I really wanted and didn't leave much space for my binders.

Now you're going...Didn't she say this post was about a coupon binder?  I had been keeping retail and restaurant coupons in the green tub on my desk.  However, since I'm doing away with the tub, I decided I need a place to keep the coupons that were in those file folders.  I decided to add them to my coupon binder so I thought I would show you how I organize my coupons.

I love my couponing!   I'm not a crazy stockpiler or anything but I do buy a few of something when its on sale for cheap and I have a coupon.  That way I'm not buying it when I run out and its full price.  I'm all about saving money any way I can so we can use that for extras our family enjoys!

I have a binder from Staples that I bought when I started couponing.  Its a 2" binder and I repurposed dividers I already had at home (like my old grades on there?).  Each divider was labeled with a category such as meat, canned goods, frozen foods, personal care, dairy, etc.

I bought packages of baseball card holders for the coupons.  Each section has some sheets and then I put any extras in the back.  I cut out the coupons I know we will use for our family and put them into the binder.  I usually save this activity for a night I am really tired and just want to sit in front of the TV for a bit. 

The new additions to the binder are in the back.  I used pocket dividers that I already had but you can find them at Staples and I am sure other office supply stores.  I used my label maker to label each pocket with its category.  I have Target, CVS/Walgreens, Retail, and Restaurant.  This is where I put those retail and restaurant coupons that were living on my desk.

So, that is about it for the binder.  It keeps everything in one place and I can pull the coupons I need out each week for my shopping trip.  I love my couponing and am happy to answer any questions you may have.